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Serena Williams Just Won Outfit Of The Year When She Competed In The Australian Open Wearing A Catsuit




Oh, if only the preparations for the war with the enemy, and you that seek Chance of Rain makes directly with this chain.

You know Serena Williams – champion tennis player, winner of 23 Grand Slam titles, all that is just around the queen.

Well, like many other tennis players Serena is currently competing in the Australian Open. But, unlike that of others stereotypically, and they clothed; the former in a per se known to the lifting of the bar when it comes to the outfits. Not only does serve on the court, but also to make changes.

Eduardo Alvarez of Munionis / Getty Images

Let us never forget what he answered when Serena thy favor the rich event legitimately – and winning – safe for the magnificent pair of trousers.

So, it’s not surprising that in her first round match against Serena Marcus Siegemund left onto one foot is out there wearing – yes, that’s only LEGGED – catsuit.

Jason Heidrich / Icon Sportswire / Getty Images

Like, hello – look at this dream of tennis exists with those pink, red and black stripes.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

She is her beauty, which is Grace, that is to win the tennis itself up, kind of.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Just look at the pattern !!!! My body had never been.

If he is playing and he entered the court wearing Partly this is probably just want to call it a day, TBH.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

The title of Grand Slam that he is righteous, ye know, which is 24, and the gunning to win, that I will not return.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Even if the most serious, in the catsuit Clear that not only looks great, but what it is showed off the badass, and earning the favor of the hard-working of love in the games, he is.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Oh, on the straight line that expedition and kill us, as if they were in the admiration of those who hate Him. 😘

Xinhua News Agency / Jingchen HU / Getty Images

In an interview after the match-Snow faith in the classroom culture, Florence Griffith Joyner and inspired – a runner, not only in the history of make-known athletic ability, but her bright, colorful outfits path.

“This year what we have planned ascent, we Serena Williams in the atrium.” # @ Serenawilliams’s story is a rear AO2021 🙌 #AusOpen outfit

He said: “Watching him [Flo-Jo’s] fashion is always changing his outfits are wonderful happened. So, what do you want me to do, that, at the going up this year took us to the palace of the Serena Williams. “

Focus on Sport / Getty Images, John Duffy / Getty Images

Serena Williams is the queen of the world, and on and off the court. I can not wait to see what the other has to overcome in the quantity of the outfits competing with the title of his 24 Grand Slam.

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