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Serial Stowaway Marilyn Hartman Explains How She Repeatedly Got Past Airport Security; ‘The Story Is Crazy’




from Brad Cicero Song: Thompson

Chicago (CBS) – For nearly 20 years, Hartman, Gaius stands in the way of every age. In the post-9/11 world, that fly in the world, there was no ticket. He became America’s serial stowaway.

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These things do not come one thing, that talk about the original reasons – into the deep. How? Why? And he did not do it?

I never talked about it until now, only the CBS 2 Investigator Brad coat.

It is known that the best way out of her, it seemed good to Gaius Hartman moniker; The book stowaway.

“If you do not mind say that she was a nut. ”

“… that when you look at it objectively …”

“… that’s how I see it is not dementia.”

“A wise to remain a mystery, because the element crazy.”

“This touched and does what you want to reconsider.”

“… it was like something from a movie.”

CBS 2, in recent years already covered ways Hartman.

“So, Bradford, I do not care at all if someone calls me crazy, this is crazy play,” he said.

It started with a phone call bonds in October 29, 2019.

Hartman, “Hi Brad Tully is this?”

Cicero: “Below. These Angels. What are you doing?”

Hartman, “I really appreciate it was very nice that you have a letter reaching out to all, as I had … I had a lot of reports given to understanding and willing to have.”

Cicero: “Can I call this record? “

Hartman, “Are you sure that you can record, that’s good,” said Hartman.

And they were. Gains would like Hartman, America’s serial stowaway.

Edwards pen pals when it was Hartman, 2019 – At last, to escape all that his wicked device without a cause.

Audio recordings, obtained by the CBS 2 Investigators, to reveal lorem Security Administration agent spotted once again from 10 October O’Hare, 2019, and called the police.

“It is over Gains sighting here,” said one TSA agent.

The dispatcher then asked the agent, “Can you keep an eye on it for me?”

Cook County bonds of what he wanted he wrote: “… I’m sorry … that is my fault law, including the TSA … there was no intention to their jobs more difficult. ‘

Cicero said that he thought that the flight taken at least 30 years.

Investigators have the CBS 2 – in a series of sources, public records requests, Ms. Hartman in recollections, and more – the acts of courts of their free rides.







San Fran.


A real Me if you can catch – this is what began in 2002.

Hartman recalls, “and soon I was able to arms and Coping” and “furious second time in Paris. ‘

But some 12 years later, the law has not been popped in Canberra.

August 14, 2014: Ms. Hartman, Book ticket, flew from Los Angeles to San Jose.

By the judge, and he warned it, that he do it no more.

Seven months later in April 2015 in Jacksonville, on the court where it appeared fate was sealed, “Ms. Hartman mind is determined by forensic forward incompetent.”

“I know what emphasizing mental illness … the … I wanted to keep it in place. But umm … (laughs) No, I’m pretty good,” he said.

Good for getting away with it.

In the documents, as early as January 2015, it was Hartman, “the list. “

In April 2015, the documents show as “serial stowaway.”

In May 2015 she was “… considered a high security risk.”

In July of that year, in “habitual stowaway.”

So, how do they get away with taking so much and so long flights, without sudden ticket or boarding?

“I got something to tell you. I have never been able to board the plane for me. I was always through” Hartman revealed. “I do not mean to be able to come straight through security without boarding.”

In front of him to his latest arrest was made last victory in January 2018.

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Reports obtained by Hartman CBS2 Investigators said, “evaded the security process and” “document / check ticket” and Took flight into London $ 3428 In British Airlines plane.

Altogether, they had collected in the image of the checkpoints TSA security checkpoints.

He describes it as he moved to CBS 2.

“I got from him, that is, one thing is so crazy, because one blue bag, as this command,” he said. “The next thing I know I will get straight into the TSA TSA allow me, I think the blue bag out of the guy.”

“To be able to pay again and again, which is just mind boggling,” said Jeff Price of aviation security experts.

From my own mode of operation is its simplicity, “he said, and warned:” … There is unsophisticated types of plans are often the most successful. “

Price: once at Denver International Airport security chief assistant and the teacher with the Metropolitan State University of Denver, who wrote, “Aviation Security works: To know the feeling of coming Future” is considered by art leading to aviation security.

‘Have we taken Gains Hartman made a serious enough, “Cicero asked.

“We can think, ‘said Price.

Hartman TSA for use as a training tool? And he asked for public records, so we ask for the information. He made us, and still waiting for an answer.

“There was a letter from the curriculum designed around what the situation is like in that security and should be taught to all of the Security Service lorem” said Price.

Gains looks like a grandmother Hartman. I am surprised that you would be The same effect is the kind of courtesy is extended in which, as is evident from the skin of the olive tree, or hijab, and the mother of the young man? Or what need to think in another way, we asked Price.

“I think we need to be sure” he added, saying: “There can be constantly preparing for the final attack. Then they face an attack.”

“And then the enemy?” Cicero asked.

“And then the enemy. No doubt,” said Price.

Hartman, and to what purpose do all these things unto Gaius the flight.

“When he took the plane ride, I was not happy. I am here and that there’- Oh, I was in a depressed mental state,” she told CBS2.

Bipolar diagnosed, nor the bed, and went to the episode trigger the flight to be just the opposite.

An example, in 2015.

Back-to-back days – July 3 and July 4.

About halfway along, one of O’Hare.

To clothes and the like, it is the same, manage very well.

She’d lowered to admit, he got caught and it has had a desperate time.

In the phone conversation from jail, Cicero asked if he felt the fight or flight response by Hartman and really took flight.

She said, “What has happened.”

She then spoke about her mental health. “I’m bipolar. This is what I objected to for years.”

For several letters written to Tully grow out of her life as a boy.

Hartman wrote that he was born in 1951 at Jackson Park Hospital and then said that about her family life.

“There is so much violence of mental illness in the family,” he said.

She only live in, not known until he took out.

TSA in October 2019, where it finally stopped her at O’Hare trying to further flight was already on probation In 2018 flight to London.

“The judge will uphold the tough,” he said. “It pissed me that Judge Chiampas situation in which I found myself. “

And already in custody for the latest 500-plus days on the charges of burglary, criminal trespassing, and the probation.

Details of a case in the first agreement of March announced it would drop the burglary charge and Hartman, 18 months probation with mental plan. A judge does not seem to be very interested in receiving.

Chiampas hearing, the judge said, “I am not giving him a third probation.”

In the letters of Cicero, together with these and many phone calls, Ms. Hartman had a warmth around her, was the contemplation of. I signed the inequities, such as Jim Crow- into chains.

It’s currently on the electronic bands are large and steady in the daily diet counseling and meds.

Cicero, it should be noted “In this way, you will also the hell of life”.

“Yeah, it’s great. There was no,” she responded.

Cicero asked, “Do you consider yourself attractive?”

“That will be my luck … and stopped there for the upsurge, Brad, I do not know. Yeah,” he said.

Never made by Hartman depth interview with “… Until I am confident that ugly flight time,” he said.

He added that a final thought: “I want to have the opportunity to come to the wrong people.”

The reason is probably not a lot Hartman tinentibus consummated in early April, when all parties are back in court.

To find out who in CBS2 Investigators could, from the gate as far as the TSA must be active, learning-by Hartman, who has never been a gaffe.

Reached out to us for several major airlines.

And on the south, and were not able to answer him again to these things to us in the record, is the matter of.

I answer that, The cities of the Delta, did not.

And send a statement of American Airlines, said it was a very strict process in place to ensure safety.

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“We are aware of the accumulation of incidents involving Gains O’Hare Airport to Hartman. American’s Corporate Security and Safety, strict process have teams in place to ensure the safety of operation will continue to work with our partners in the law and to maintain a safe and secure airport TSA developer . “American Airlines Spokesperson