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Shardul Thakur finds a way to vanquish 2019 IPL final ghosts



May 12, 2019, Hyderabad, the Chennai Super Kings they made an omnipotent mess in their running in the IPL finals when Shardul Thakur step into the bat. Moments ago Shane Watson, who was hitting with a bloody knee, ran to the end of the hit, meaning Shardul was thrown into the eye of the storm.

Prior to that game, the fast bowler had collected just 12 runs throughout the season and was part of a last-minute change that changed the game when CSK clashed with swords. Royal Challengers Bangalore. Therefore, it can be said that the Yellow Army hoped that Shardul would get the trump card, instead of expecting it from him.

Lasith Malinga – the archetypal bowler of death and arguably the greatest sport he has ever seen, slides and throws a long stump on a stump. Shardul comes into position and pulls him towards the deep square leg a few runs.

The equation, which previously read 4 out of 2 balls, now stands 2 to 1 ball, with Shardul on strike and even a lone run that guarantees CSK at least a Super Over. Countless minutes of debate follow between Mumbai Indians players. Shardul also casts a glance around himself and seems to be assessing his options.

This time, however, the old fox has a different ace up his sleeve. In the 16th century, when Malinga drove 20 runs, he mostly opted for yorkie bowls – most of which were bowled at his usual speed. However, when the decisive moment came, Sri Lanka made a slower delivery – a delivery that Shardul plays and rejects LBW.

In threes, Shardul becomes the pantomime villain of the entire episode. CSK only needed Shardul to find a way to catch the bat. But he failed.

And, Malinga? Of course, he became a hero who paraded around the country, and Shardul, in particular, left himself to rule what could have been. It could have been Shardul’s coronation moment, you know. But it’s not.

Fast forward two years and the paster finds himself thrown into the depths again – this time with the ball. The Kolkata Knight Riders openers typically flared up in the opening four games and made CSK’s first inning out of a total of 192 look less intimidating.

Shubman Gill has produced several moves for years, and Venkatesh Iyer was, well, Venkatesh Iyer. When Shardul is called to place fifth, he not only has to curb the flow, but he has to provide CSK with the vital shifts he regularly provided during the UAE part of IPL 2021.

However, on Friday, Shardul was dismembered in his first finish. The first four balls are decent, but the last two deliveries are reminiscent of the inconsistencies that plagued an earlier part of his career. Both deliveries were fired down the side, and although Iyer had a coincidence on one occasion, it still allowed KKR to continue to generate a head of steam.

Shardul Thakur won 11 runs in his first final (Pic Credits: IPL)
Shardul Thakur won 11 runs in his first final (Pic Credits: IPL)

Shardul Thakur picked up three gates in the IPL final

Then, as has almost always been the case with Shardul lately, the game turned its head – all in the blink of an eye and in a four-ball space (3 legal and one wide). The eleventh in a row, to be delivered by the pacer, posed no threat, prima facie. Still, it was enough just to tilt the scales firmly in favor of CSK.

The fourth ball he was bowling was just far from her Venkatesh’s hitting the bow, which means he cut his mask awkwardly towards the deep point, where Ravindra Jadeja swallowed a difficult opportunity. Two balls later, Nitish Rana was outpaced by the pace (or lack thereof) as he tamed the ball to Fafa du Plessis in midfield.

In the next one, after Shardul was bowling, he explained that Rahul Tripathi was weakened, which means that he broke KKR’s back during two great competitions. He also ensured that CSK, who remained scratching their heads during the first half of the bowling change, focused their attention on lifting the trophy.

Death, taxes and Lord Shardul with a double pawn. Three life safetys. #CSKvKKR # IPL2021Final

Over the years, there hasn’t been much that has made people sit down and notice Shardul. He is a ball in the range of 135-140 km / h and is not as skilled in swinging the ball as someone like Bhuvneshwar Kumara or Deepak Chahar. He is not as great an exponent of seams as Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami.

Yet in recent months he has shown that he has the ability to divination to be a step ahead of the blow. Or, to put it simply, the ability to devise methods for lifting doors, even when it seems unbelievable.

In the IPL 2021, CSK relied heavily on bowlers breaking open games, which is something India would hope to continue at the T20 World Cup as well.

Knowing nothing, Shardul has nothing particularly noticed, other than the fact that he is constantly finding ways to dismiss the beatings. Not just any attackers, he developed the ability to send the best opposition kicks back to the hut by being an enigma and constantly in the game.

Again, this did not seem to be a virtue that Shardul had long possessed. Perhaps this could be something that has evolved in recent years, especially with greater exposure to IPL and international cricket.

The net result, however, is that he has turned into a true switch of partnership and one who does not seem too dependent on conditions because, well, he does not seem too skilled in one particular element of bowling.

On the other hand, he is not shabby in any bowling department, which means that even when there is no rhyme or reason to discard the dough, the pacer forces an explanation.

As for his temperament, it’s pretty revealing that he improved on exactly that stage where his character was questioned – all those months ago in Hyderabad.

Shardul definitely beat the spirits of the 2019 IPL finals and, to some extent, even set himself up for bigger things.

Typically, cricketers are a bit reluctant to pay attention to social media, given the toxic environment in which they can reside. Shardul, on the contrary, accepted the title of “Lord Shardul Thakur” which was fully conferred on him. So much so that he seems to find his way to every dilemma that confronts him.

Well, that’s what cricket is about – finding light at the end of the darkest and saddest tunnels. And, as he recently portrayed, Shardul came across a formula to get things done. No questions asked. There is no explanation for the answer.

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Edited by Habil Ahmed Sherule