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Sheriff Says Michigan School Shooting Suspect’s Parents Are ‘Missing’ After Charges Are Announced




Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said the parents of Ethan Crumbley, the 15-year-old student accused of killing four people and injuring eight others, are “missing.”

The revelation came after Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney Karen McDonald declared charges against Jennifer Crumbley and James Crumbley, the suspect’s parents.

McDonald charged each parent with four counts of manslaughter after Tuesday shot at Oxford High School.

But on Friday, Bouchard confirmed to CNN that the couple was “missing.”

Victor Blackwell of CNN asked the sheriff, “Where’s Crumbley’s?”


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“In fact, that’s a question our detectives are doing right now,” Bouchard replied. He added that an attorney representing the parents told law enforcement officers that they would “make arrangements so that they could be arrested” if the cases were brought.

He continued, “When we were informed that the prosecutor had released the cases, we sent detectives and received a call from the lawyer from the couple saying they were not answering his calls or texts. So, if you think. they can escape, they can’t. “

Watch the video below:

Blackwell asked, “So the Crumbleys are missing now?”

“Right,” Bouchard said.

When asked if he was worried that the couple was armed, he said, “You know, anything is possible.”

“I don’t encourage anyone to approach them. I think it’s unlikely, but we’re not going to take advantage of that opportunity. We’re going to go to them,” Bouchard added.

He said Fox News on Friday, “Our detective and fugitive apprehension teams and the U.S. Marshal Service and the FBI – we’re all in concert looking for them … I’m confident we can find these two.”


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The sheriff added, “We would have liked to have been given a little bit of advance notice with an upcoming warrant and set them up or do something electronically.”

Lawyers for parents said that they do not flee. Additionally, a statement said the parents left town on the night of the hunt “for their own safety” and planned to return to the area to arraign.

However, CNN said they should have been in court for their arraignment at 4 p.m. and they had not returned by that time.

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