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Shooting at a party in Chicago leaves 13 people wounded and 2 dead




Several of those injured in the shooting continue to be operated on, Superintendent of Police David Brown said. He said four weapons were confiscated in the building, a makeshift facility converted for an emerging party. The victims were between 20 and 44 years old, according to police.

Brown said he is early in the investigation and there is no known reason at this time. There are no suspects in custody, he said.

An image published by Chicago firefighters shows a group of balloons and a lost shoe on the sidewalk offstage.
Officials said so Affiliated with CNN WLS they found a chaotic scene as they responded.

“They were running, screaming, they were everywhere,” said Greg Stinnett, deputy paramedic deputy chief of the Chicago fire department.

The incident is the largest mass shooting in Chicago since last summer when 15 people were injured in a shooting at a funeral for a victim of another shooting.
Chicago, like many large US cities, has seen a sharp rise in gun violence and shooting incidents since the end of Covid-19-related shutdowns last spring. As of Dec. 27, some of America’s largest cities experienced a dramatic increase in homicides, including Chicago (55%), New York (41%) and Los Angeles (30%), according to police data.
Compared to this point last year, murders in Chicago increased by 15% and shooting incidents increased by 31% in 2021, according to the latest data from Chicago police. At the same time, total crime reports have declined, caused by heavy falls in burglaries, thefts and aggravated batteries, according to police data.
Criminology have attributed experts the rise in violence largely in the pandemic-related fall: schools and businesses closed, higher unemployment and stress and anxiety, especially in lower-income households. Illness and social distancing also led to fewer officers on the street in areas most in need of crime prevention.