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Should GTA Online have crossplay and cross-progression?




One conversation that seems to be a recurring theme for online multiplayer games, like GTA Online is the need for crossplay and cross-saves on different platforms. At this point, it’s safe to say that Rockstar’s GTA Online is indeed one of their most cost-effective products to date, and it seems to be growing annually.

This is the kind of growth and longevity that similar multiplayer online games like Fortnite, Apex Legends or Call of Duty are trying to capture. Still GTA He seems to be Online in his league, choosing to do things differently than the others.

First, Rockstar doesn’t provide accurate roadmaps detailing the game’s progress each year, as games like Fortnite often do. The publisher of GTA has often rejected the norm regarding cross-play functions, which seems to be a huge priority for fans around the world.

Should GTA Online have crossplay and cross progression?

As it stands now, GTA Online has no cross game or cross progression. Cross-promotion and cross-storage basically means that someone’s progress is not tied to a specific platform. For example, players can continue their GTA Online progress between consoles like the PS4, PC and Xbox, wherever the game is available.

This would basically mean that players can transfer their progress from other devices, if they buy a new console or computer. However, given the difference in computer settings relative to the console, cross-progression and cross-play are the main topics of discussion.

A widespread problem of modification / cheating

GTA Online seems to have its hands full when it comes to cheats and modders on your computer. Late, Rockstar amplifies and goes on the offensive against modders and fraudsters through legal proceedings.

While legal proceedings and police work are definitely a step in a positive direction, the lack of an adequate anti-fraud system is detrimental to GTA Online. Although Take-Two and Rockstar seem to be making progress in that direction as well.

Therefore, cross-play and cross-progression are far from an achievable goal for GTA Online at the moment. While gamers would like to continue their progress on other devices, the game’s wild west status on the computer is certainly holding it back.

How do cross-play and cross-progression help players?

One of the biggest reasons for crossplay is the simple concept of selling, and what makes it so appealing is that not all players own the same systems. Playing multiplayer games online with friends is often one of the biggest reasons why Fortnite has become a global phenomenon.

Crossplay basically breaks down all barriers to a multiplayer social networking experience, allowing PC players to play with them Xbox players or PlayStation. GTA Online would certainly benefit from this as it would allow friends to enjoy a shared session.

On the other hand, this can cause problems related to different input methods in GTA Online. However, games usually have predefined lobbies, depending on the input method the player uses.

It mainly helps speed up the matching process, as it would technically mean that more players are online at any given time on different platforms.

So, should crossplay be a priority for GTA Online?

The game currently has a huge problem with modders / cheats, as many streamers, content creators, speedrunners and GTA Online veterans would explain. As long as that remains, any other feature or improvement in quality of life should certainly be withdrawn elsewhere.

The problem of cheating can often mean the downfall of a massive multiplayer online game GTA Online. Therefore, crossplay is both an unrealizable reality for the game and one that is not currently relevant to the game.

While other issues remain major for GTA Online, crossovers and mutual advancement remain a distant possibility.

Posted March 15, 2021, 12:26 PM IST