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Sick Vandalism on Memorial for Military Fallen: ‘The Real Heroes Are the Vaccinated!’




Veterans Day was this past Thursday in the United States. In our northern neighbor, Canada, it is Remembrance Day-a day to commemorate the military collapse of the UK Commonwealth.

In one Canadian city, however, the vandals decided that there was a different set of “heroes” in the most solemn of these days: i.e., those who received COVID-19 vaccine.

Ayon CTV News in Calgary, a wall of honor in Cranbrook, British Columbia, was broken of vandals early Thursday morning. Their message: “The real heroes are the vaccinated!”


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“Fortunately, the Cranbrook RCMP, Cranbrook Fire Services and City of Cranbrook staff worked together and quickly removed the writings before any of our heroes and war veterans saw what was written,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police Const. Katie Forgeron said, according to Cranbook Daily Townsman.

Ang RCMP is investigating vandalism.

The city issued a statement to them Facebook page, saying “we are not disappointed by the disrespectful actions of those responsible for destroying an important monument on an important day for all Canadians.”

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“This work does not speak to the character and values ​​of our citizens and our community,” the statement continued.

“We are grateful to the community member who alerted us of the vandalism this morning. We are extremely proud of our staff, RCMP and Fire Services members who quickly removed the graffiti and allowed the Memorial Day ceremonies to continue, and remain focused on honoring all of our veterans, past and present. for their selfless sacrifice.

The vandalism came amid protests against vaccination in two other cities in British Columbia on Remembrance Day, according to CBC – Kamloops and Kelowna.


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“We are saddened that anyone feels the need to interfere with the sacrifice of our veterans and their families with political agendas. Especially on Remembrance Day,” said Val McGregor, president of British Columbia/Yukon Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, in a statement.

Although this was unsatisfactory, the protests against vaccination were unsatisfactory inconveniences. The graffiti in a memorial for veterans – calling the vaccinated as “real heroes” – is a direct insult to those who served and died. for Canada.

However, much of the CBC’s coverage has focused on protests against vaccination.

The defacement is discussed in the second paragraph. The rest is mostly given to what happened in Kelowna and Kamloops. In the last three paragraphs, the Cranbrook defacement is briefly sketched.

While we don’t know the motives of the Cranbrook vandals, we do know the message: Forget the service members who fought and died, those who received inoculation are what we should celebrate. This is the kind of vaccine madness we see today. To at least one person, heroism seems like no service, it just gets a shot.

Assuming it’s not a scam, it’s a rebarbative thing-and something more deserving of condemnation than the deceptive mention it gets from the national media in Canada. Any interruption from Remembrance Day is problematic. However, the inability to tell the difference between protests and vandalism states the vaccinated are more heroic than veterans who speak to other ailments.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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