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Signal makes it easier to move your chats to a new phone (APK Download)




signal Received a lot of attention In accordance with WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, which has been widely criticized in recent months. This free promotion has pushed apps that focus on privacy to facilitate the addition of more consumer-focused features. In line with this, Signal added a tool in its beta app to quickly and easily transfer chats to new devices.

Currently Signal only allows local backups, so you’ll need to manually transfer them to your new device for the restore process to work. The new tool allows you to move your entire account without any hassle. In addition, the connection between the two phones is end-to-end encrypted for peace of mind.

Currently, the migration feature is only available in Signal beta v5.5.1 and both phones must be running this version for the transfer to take place. When it’s stable, it should be available to a larger audience. In the meantime, you can download and test the latest beta. APK Mirror Or join Signal’s beta program on the Play Store widget below.

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger


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