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Skills You Should Look for When Hiring Laravel Developers




It is widely known that Laravel has become the most popular PHP framework in the world, especially in the last few years. And this is not surprising since it has many features and tools that make a developer’s work so much easier and more effective.

However, this impressive framework can’t do the work by itself, so it’s crucial to hire Laravel developers with experience and top talent to help your projects and make your business grow rapidly.

But how to find the best developers in such an enormous plethora of talents available worldwide?

That’s why we are here, and in this article, we’ll see the skills you should look for when hiring a Laravel developer. Let’s start immediately.

Soft Skills

Technical skills are more than necessary, and we will get to them later, but we mention soft skills first because it’s essential not to forget them. If you hire someone with excellent soft skills, you provide your business with a developer who, besides doing a fantastic job Laravel-wise, they are also helping your team members to grow; therefore, your company grows with them simultaneously.

Soft skills are an integral part of every interview since there is no point in hiring a highly skilled developer that can destroy the team’s chemistry and company atmosphere. That’s why you should hire a person who perfectly understands the Laravel framework but also has excellent soft skills.

Some vital soft skills are knowing how to work in a team, listening to other people’s ideas, having excellent communication skills, providing creative solutions, accepting criticism as a motivator to improve, delivering tasks on time, problem-solving qualities, and so on.

Of course, the developer has to know technical things like a Laravel pagination example or what is Blade templating engine, but without soft skills, all the technical knowledge is pointless.

Excellent Development Skills

Another vital thing is that the Laravel developer has excellent knowledge of basic web technologies. They have to know all the necessary aspects of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on. If not, they won’t have the knowledge to achieve your desired results, and that is the ultimate goal when hiring someone for your company.

CSS means Cascading Style Sheets, and its main function is to show the way the HTML elements of the site have to be displayed on the front end. And even though HTML delivers the tools for structuring content, CSS is the one that is responsible for styling the content and making it pretty.

Furthermore, HTML is the site’s core and uses tags to identify various content. In short, it helps the developer differentiate elements like subheadings, headlines, body text, etc.

Last but not least, one of JavaScript’s primary functions is to change the site content and make it behave in a different way, so all the CTAs one sees on your site are made with this programming language.

Therefore, it would help a lot if your future Laravel developer knows these development skills. Of course, you don’t have to focus only on experience and see how they address Laravel homestead, what is their strongest side when working with Laravel, and so on, but also their will to learn and become better at their development skills.

Knowledge of MVC and OOP

The Laravel PHP framework is based on MVC, the Model-View-Controller architecture, and as a framework, it’s one of the best OOP mode ones, which stands for Object-Oriented-Programming. In fact, every technique in this fantastic framework is object-oriented; therefore, your Laravel developer has to know everything about methods, traits, classes, objects, and other aspects.

In essence, without particular knowledge of these things, it would be impossible to be a top-rated Laravel developer, especially these days when the global market competition is at the highest level. So, ensure your future employee has these Laravel characteristics under their belt if you want someone who is an expert in this field.

Understanding Project Management

Not at the highest level possible, since they are Laravel developers first and foremost, but project management frameworks are an integral part of the development process. These methodologies lead to better organization and success, and they concentrate on the essential procedures, tools, and tasks that the team needs to build a robust project from beginning to end.

Of course, you will need a top-rated Laravel developer with project management skills if you need someone who is working in a team situation. Still, nevertheless, you never know when such a skill may come in handy.

Also, project management methodologies are used increasingly in the developing world since they are an excellent way to keep everything in line and up to date.

Database Management Capability

Last on the list but equally important, your Laravel developer has to be an expert in managing database systems, and they are usually highly qualified. In short, these developers can organize all the data from your site, which makes it a lot easier for your users to share data across the organization much faster and in an efficient way.

For instance, if you want to know how well your business is doing, you need to have an organized database. In addition, it allows you to understand better what has to be improved in the future for your company to become even better.

Thus, when hiring Laravel developers, you have to be sure they have enough knowledge about database management and are able to help you become better as a company as time goes by and competitors become more challenging.

Final Words

These are the primary and essential skills you should look for when hiring your future Laravel developer. The Laravel PHP framework is indeed at the top of the game regarding development and PHP frameworks. Still, a highly skilled developer is necessary to make the best out of this framework for every project.

So, please don’t waste any more of your precious time and start hiring now since your competitors won’t wait a minute longer to get ahead of you on the market!

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