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Social media speculates on Donald Trump’s health after he’s seen in Mar-a-Lago photo with Lara Trump




As his supporters claim the fact that Donald Trump is the picture of health in his retirement after the presidency in Mar-a-Lago, a new photo of the 74-year-old former leader was seen holding hands with his daughter-in-law Lara Trump-prior to his own scandal involving funneling an amazing amount of money from a dog charity to the Trump family’s ark – has inspired the opposite conclusion to commentators on social media.

Here’s a post from an avid MAGA-fan featuring the photo in question along with the tweeter’s pink-colored interpretation of what is shown in the photo.

Others looked at this shot and had a variety of responses that they were eager to share with the world in their own tweets.

Add your name to call prosecutors at ARREST DONALD TRUMP for his crimes!

We’ve known for quite some time that Republicans have lived in a different media bubble than the rest of the country, but until now having a truth filter for the eyes of one eye was a political weapon we didn’t realize. that the GOP has been able to deploy so far

If it’s Donald Trump in the health picture, federal and state prosecutors looking at bringing the former president to justice for his crimes will move faster before he has a legitimate reason to postpone trials and claim reduced faculties as a reason.

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