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Spigen’s new Glas.tR Platinum tempered glass screen protector rises to the challenge of the Galaxy S21’s unique design (Sponsored)




The dream of an all-screen phone has brought important technical challenges not only for smartphone manufacturers, but also for high-quality accessories. Not all screen savers go well with the display fingerprint sensor. However, Spigen’s new Glas.tR Platinum tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S21 series has been completely redesigned with the thinnest possible layer of liquid adhesive to ensure perfect fit, full functionality and maximum protection for the new Galaxy S21.

Thanks to Spigen’s close relationship through the accessory program, case makers found out early that the standard screen protector, the Neo Flex, is not compatible with the Galaxy S21’s latest fingerprint sensor. The Neo Flex used a very thin layer of adhesive to attach it to the display, but it was too thick to enroll fingerprints. Instead, Spigen should design a solution that not only includes a thinner adhesive layer, but also increases durability while working seamlessly with Samsung’s latest devices.

Spigen has decided to work with Whitestone Dome, a manufacturer renowned for designing 3D glasses, to take advantage of its liquid UV bonding technology. The duo, coupled with Spigen’s improved installation tray to ensure that the screen saver is applied correctly, seemed to have a promising solution. However, I wasn’t sure until 45 different test attempts across 20 hardware prototypes showed 100% compatibility with the S21’s fingerprint sensor. This will ultimately be Spigen’s all-new Glas.tR Platinum tempered glass screen protector.

Early prototype of the Spigen installation tray. The photo at the bottom is the final revision to reinforce the adhesive absorbent pad to prevent leakage.

Glas.tR Platinum, a liquid adhesive tempered glass screen protector, boasts superior durability and greater resistance to hearing from the corners compared to other types of screen protectors. It also provides full-coverage edge-to-edge protection, and the tray-based installation process ensures a perfect and accurate fit along with UV cure strength. Glue bridges help center the liquid adhesive, and guide pins and leveling tools ensure complete and easy application compared to other systems. Moreover, the new Glas.tR is precision engineered to work optimally with Spigen’s case for a fully personalized Galaxy S21 experience.

Spigen’s new Glas.tR Platinum is now available on Amazon.


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