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Stacking the line-up with batsmen can be counter-productive, warns VVS Laxman 




VVS Laxman, referring to India’s eighth goalkeeper in the third T20I, said the hosts must reconsider their team’s lineup before the fourth game.

England leads the five-seater T20I series 2-1. India was thrown out of the water during their two defeats, while England was breezing past the people in blue. India struggled to keep guests on powerplay, with England’s Electric start being the foundation of their wins in matches one and three of the current series.

VVS Laxman dissected the Indian loss in its column for The Times of India. He explained why Yuzvendra Chahal he bowled early in the last game, advising India to play an extra bowler in the fourth match.

“India needed early vickets, which may be why Yuzvendra Chahal bowled in a power power game, but Jos Buttler had the answer to every question. India will have to reconsider their combination and consider another bowling option to take any possibility. The battalion line-up can be counterproductive, which has been proven twice in the last three matches, “wrote VVS Laxman.

India struggled to start with the bat and in powerplay. In the opening of the series, India they turned 22/3, from which they never truly recovered. A similar story was in the third game, where India managed with just 24 runs due to the loss of three goalkeepers in the first six cars.

There is a stark contrast in how India and England approached powerplay. While England was aggressive, offensive and clinical, India was cautious and unaware. VVS Laxman wants the team to learn from their mistakes and improve their performance in the first six overs.

“The third T20I on Tuesday was an action replay of the first game in which India lost three wickets – and a match – in power overs. Statistics reveal that teams win each of the four games at best when more than two goal sixs fall in the first.” added VVS Laxman.

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India’s decision to give up Suryakumar Yadav she met with harsh criticism on Tuesday. Many felt that the 30-year-old was not given a fair chance, especially after he did not hit his debut.

The constant interference of the Indian eleven, just a few months before the T20 World Cup, surprised many. Ishan Kishan dropped to 3rd place after the return of Rohit Sharma, also raised eyebrows, and VVS Laxman admitted the move came as a surprise.

“I also found some confusing decisions in India. I’m sure the team’s management has its reasons, but what could be the logic behind pushing Ishan Kishan, who made his debut as a beginner in half a century, to 3rd place? in his only performance he didn’t even manage to hit? “

India entered the T20I district under pressure. A loss here would give England an untouchable 3-1 lead, while a win would mean the T20I series going all the way down the wire.

Posted March 18, 2021, 11:37 AM IST