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Start the week smart – what’s up this week




Actor William Shatner is he headed to the edge of space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket. Shatner was captain of the TV series “Star Trek,” but admits he experiences some nerves before the flight days before going into space in real life.
Texas will execute a man who killed nearly a pregnant woman and her 7-year-old son two decades ago in Fort Worth. Stephen Barbee, 54, faces lethal injection after denying his appeal this year.


The National Center for Health Statistics will publish a report on infant mortality in the U.S. About 3,400 babies die unexpectedly each year at the national level. Most deaths occur in the sleeping area of ​​babies.
Would you pay millions of dollars for a partially destroyed work of art? Well, someone just could. Sotheby’s London will auction a piece of crushed Banksy it is expected to range between $ 5 million and $ 8 million.


NASA’s Lucy spacecraft will launch an ambitious 12-year journey to eight asteroids. Lucy it will be the first space mission to study the Trojans, a group of asteroids that follow and drive Jupiter into its orbit around the sun.

Photos of the week

Panda Huan-Huan hugs her cub after breastfeeding her at a zoo in central France. Here’s a tour of 37 exciting, fascinating and motivating images of the week that is, curated by CNN Photos.

What about entertainment

The last days of Brittany Murphy

A new documentary about the death of actress Brittany Murphy explores the mystery surrounding her last days. “What happened, Brittany Murphy?” is a two-part docuseria that airs on HBO Max starting Thursday.

What happens in sports?

Ice hockey is back!

The NHL season kicks off Tuesday after the pandemic breaks. It’s a double header on opening night: the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lighting, and the Seattle Kraken against the Vegas Golden Knights. The regular season schedule for 1,312 games (82 games per team) ends in April.

Trial time!

Which fast food chain is testing new meatless chicken seeds, announced this week?

A. McDonald’s

B. Burger King

C. Popeyes

D. Chick-in-A

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Head Day is this week. Here’s a little thank you to the (exceptional) boss of your life.