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Stephen Thompson claims he’s “next in line for Kamaru Usman” after Leon Edwards eye poke




Stephen Thompson has claimed he deserves a kick in the light heavyweight division against current champion Kamara Usman because he believes Leon Edwards will take revenge on Belal Muhammad.

The UFC Vegas 21 headliner ended up without competition after ‘Rocky’ accidentally gave Muhammad a brutal look, making it impossible to continue the fight. Judge Herb Dean called for an end to the fight, judging that Edwards did not intend to intentionally injure his opponent, declaring him non-competitive.

Although Muhammad has expressed a desire for a rematch, Rocky doesn’t think he should fight 13th place in the welterweight rankings again. Instead, he called for a title shot.

But Stephen Thompson seems to have made the decision for the UFC, claiming that Edwards will take revenge on Muhammad, making him next in line to fight for the title.

“Well, from Leon [Edwards] a rematch with Belal Muhammad follows, that makes me next in line for Kamara Usman! I’m ready! Let’s do it, UFC! “, Wonderboy wrote.

However, the most likely scenario in the 175-kilogram division is that Usman will defend his belt against Jorge Masvidal for the second time by September.

Stephen Thompson regularly challenges top candidates in the light heavyweight division, especially Usman. Colby Covington is another a recurring name on Wonderboy’s agenda.

Stephen Thompson is confident he could beat Kamara Usman

UFC 217: Thompson v Masvidal
UFC 217: Thompson v Masvidal

Speaking in a recent interview with Full Mount MMA, Stephen Thompson shared his thoughts on a possible title fight against current light heavyweight champion Kamaru Usman.

“I think he’s going to try to get me to the floor. I think he’s going to spend a lot of his energy trying to get me down. I know he has cardio for days, so the guy won’t get tired, neither will I. I can go all day. I think I’m on “3rd place in the light heavyweight defense removal category. So I know my removal defense is in place. I have great guys helping me with that,” Stephen Thompson said.

Want to see Stephen Thompson’s ‘Wonderboy’ fight Kamar Usman for the welterweight championship? Sound in the comments.

Posted March 14, 2021, 11:29 PM IST