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Stores close on Thanksgiving Day, but thousands of retail staff are still working




Goal (TGT) said Monday it will be closes all his Thanksgiving stores every year from now on, a move that can make rivals follow suit and make shopping at Thanksgiving stores obsolete.
In 2020, many other chains closed stores in Thanksgiving for the first time, inclusive Walmart (WMT), Best buy (ABY) i Dick sporting goods (DKS). These companies will be closing stores again this holiday season, although none have made permanent changes to their Thanksgiving policies in the future.
Some companies, such as Costco (COST) i Home Depot (HD), have closed stores on Thanksgiving for years.

That’s not to say stores and warehouses will be completely empty on Thursday. Black Friday is fast approaching and retailers need people working to prepare for the most important shopping day of the year.

A small percentage of Target’s workforce, such as supply chain workers and service centers, will still work during the holidays, a company spokesman said.

Target said it worked with employees to understand their scheduling preference earlier in the season, and employees working on Thanksgiving will receive an additional paycheck. Most Target stores will reopen at 7 a.m. local time on Black Friday.

Staying open on Thanksgiving Day had been a source of tension between retailers and labor advocates in the past, especially because many retailers opened their doors during the holidays to try to make a leap to Black Friday.

Labor advocates have argued that workers should be home with their families on Thanksgiving Day.

In recent years, public pressure on retailers to close Thanksgiving Day has faded. Instead, workers’ rights groups have focused on broader issues such as the minimum wage, benefits and schedules.

Some states, such as Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island, have banned the opening of large stores on Thanksgiving Day. A California lawmaker proposed a law in 2016 that would have required some companies to pay double to employees to work on Thanksgiving, but it was not passed.

Why closing Thanksgiving Day won’t hurt retailers

The holiday period used to be marked by a few key days: Black Friday was the most important. Stores would take the opportunity to accumulate most of their holiday sales. But with the growth of online shopping, retailers no longer rely so much on the holidays to boost sales.

Retailers also don’t want everyone to buy at the same time. So, in recent years, they have started their offers and events earlier and distributed them throughout the season, helping them avoid a crushing of demand, which can affect their stores and delivery networks.

This year, stores have increased their offerings before ever to get ahead supply chain errors and limit empty shelves.

The lengthening of the shopping season means stores can close on Thanksgiving Day without a big impact on sales.

Maybe not stay in Thanksgiving they make a lot of business sense neither. Some retailers have found that keeping stores open on Thanksgiving Day eliminates sales on Black Friday and the holiday weekend.