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Stranded Fisherman’s Boat Nears Rocky Cliffs and Perilous Water: Rescued Just in Time by Brother




For many of us, Christmas is a time to see our family, reminisce, pull back on ancient history and eat plenty.

Brothers Steven Wilson and John-Arthur Robertson from the UK’s Shetland Islands are probably looking forward to a less exciting Christmas this year after what happened last year and think about what it’s almost like.

Neither brother was a stranger at sea – which meant when Robertson found himself in a bad place in Christmas 2020, this is a Really bad place.

Robertson, an experienced fisherman, went to the port of Clousta aboard his creel fishing boat to sell his late morning, according to The Shetland Times.


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Everything seemed fine at first.

“When I left the pier, it was a calm, bright moonlit night,” Robertson said. “I didn’t feel any concern – it was just a day.

“All my life I’ve been on boats.”

But as he continued his journey, the engine of his little boat failed. He began to fly towards the rocky precipice. The wind grew stronger, and the water became stronger.

Around 6:30 p.m., Robertson realized the agony he was in and called his brother, who was just sitting at Christmas dinner with his family.

Wilson was a volunteer on the Aith lifeboat crew, and soon the team was assembled and on its way to rescue Robertson.

“I knew that if the anchor slipped on his boat, my brother would be lost,” Wilson said.

Ang lifeboat reached the stranded fisherman 20 minutes after leaving. The rescue team continues to try to throw a rescue line at Robertson, but conditions continue to be disruptive.


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Finally, on their third attempt, they secured boat and pull it to safety, and it’s all back 9 pm

“At home, the reality of how close John-Arthur was to losing his life fell through,” Wilson said.

“I’ve had more respect for the sea since the rescue, and I’ll definitely appreciate Christmas more this year,” said Robertson, who until now has been a fisherman.

Ang Royal National Lifeboat Institution posted a story of the siblings this Christmas as a reminder of the critical work its volunteers are doing.

“For Aith crew member Steven Wilson and his family, Christmas Day 2020 is a date they will never forget,” the organization wrote. “Steven had just finished Christmas dinner when he received a call he didn’t want!

“Then, John-Arthur said, ‘I encourage anyone to give their best this Christmas, so that staff like my brother can be here to help other people.'”

“It was a Christmas day that I will never forget in a hurry,” Wilson he wrote his part of the story. “[B]however, please donate whatever you can for a good cause. “

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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