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Suicide Of 11-Year-Old Dallas Student Leads To Mom’s Plea For Parents To Push For Answers Beyond ‘I’m Okay’



Suicide Of 11-Year-Old Dallas Student Leads To Mom's Plea For Parents To Push For Answers Beyond 'I'm Okay'


Dalla s (CBSDFW.COM) – Marcus Makayla Villatoro, 11, turned 12 on Thursday, is preparing to Dallas. She died in the death Wednesday night. He says her family do not seem to be coming.

“This is because his birthday, and he got what he wanted … and I want to PlayStation, PlayStation are getting,” says his mother, hello Villatoro and bent on his shoulders pain with tears streaming unchecked. “… it’s not right for me to celebrate the birthday of my daughter’s grief. This is the worst pain. It is the worst pain in the world to go to sleep how can you know what this is?”

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In the world of nightmares a parent, this is what put it. Makayla said she was the family’s “light” – is always bubbly and upbeat.

“Always … always. He was always happy,” Villatoro insisted, saying: “What can you ask for when you cry Makayla?”

Marcus Makayla Villatoro

Now the 11-year-old’s Washington plunged into the midst of the game with mourning, as well. Pain, damaging the upper seats in the Piedmont Global Academy, where he was a popular consumer Villatoro and sixth grade students.

“Even when I walk into the school building, you are the students feel are hurting and asking, ‘what,’ ‘said principal baneful Portley. Portley Villatoro says that many doctors and their actions are not to be smart and take care of.

He says he was always to whom he had made. “… And the chatter is not going in the cafeteria or have a conference or a ‘hello’ when Makayla. And it was as a kid.”

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On Friday, outside counselors were on campus to help students and staff. Then write, direct visions work in words. Portley message for parents is also necessary to use the spring break that bond downtime.

“Talk to your children: ‘urged Portley that at one time might be just, and all the blame, children, young people and adults.”

At the same Villatoros bid sealed pain.

“Watch your kids closely. Even if they say ‘Mother, it’s okay. No. fan them. Push them. Looking their phones,” added Villatoro. And do not be afraid to push for answers – while you can.

“Never get so many responses,” said Villatoro, his words barely discernable with the body, which is still sobs suffered sacrifice it. “The main question is why? Why? “

Dallas, University needed to provide partners with local cares as well the support of the health of students and families of the mind,.

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I call to remembrance that it is not the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255.