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Take control of your hearing with the Eargo 5, a revolutionary new and virtually invisible hearing aid. | CNN undervalued





For people with hearing impairments, the right hearing aids can make the world as lively and vibrant as it is for hearing. Now a pioneer of hearing aids Eargo, a direct-to-customer company dedicated to providing better hearing to the 43 million Americans with hearing problems, makes innovative and comfortable hearing aids even more affordable compared to traditional hearing centers.

Eargo 5 it can be customized according to the individual needs and preferences of each user, using its trademark Sound Match ™ technology. Eargo 5 reduces the volume experienced with traditional hearing aids and is the smaller intrauricular device the company has never done. This means that the discomfort, embarrassment, and stigma that keep people from using outdated, trendy aids isn’t an issue: Eargo 5 is light as a whisper (while allowing you to hear it all).

Hearing aids should work in a variety of hearing situations. You’re using your ears in a completely different way in a sleeping nursery than in an outdoor rock concert, for example. Therefore, Eargo has customized Eargo 5 settings, with four easy presets for common listening environments, such as attending a meeting, talking on the phone, watching TV, and eating in a crowded restaurant, which can be interacted with. with a simple tap of the user’s ear or on the mobile app. Need a noise reduction for this concert? No problem! Do you have to hear every peep of that sleeping baby? Fet.

And fine-tuning more is as easy as taking a selfie: with Android and iOS mobile apps that allow users to customize Eargo 5 settings anytime, anywhere, key to a device with a charging time of up to 16 hours.

Other upgrades that make Eargo 5 easy to use include: new non-contact refill with magnets for easy placement in the charging area, additional microphone plugs, redesigned petal ear tips with built-in filters and a VARTA lithium ion battery can achieve a full charge in just four hours.

Proprietary projection of Eargo process helps users make sure they get the most out of their Eargo devices for their specific hearing needs. Eargo 5 emits test tones that set the user’s hearing levels, which Eargo Sound Match is used to create a listening experience profile for the user, including the recommended settings for different listening environments.

Eargo hearing experts are always available to help clients further customize their setup. Everything is done without any visits to clinics or long hours in crowded waiting rooms and Eargo offers lifelong professional assistance.

Most importantly, Eargo 5 costs only a fraction of the price of many traditional hearing aids. Eargo 5 costs $ 2,950Without any price increase since the fourth generation Eargo Neo HiFi. With funding, it can be obtained for payments of up to $ 123 a month for 24 months. Includes a 45-day money back guarantee. Eargo 5 is the latest manifestation of Eargo’s mission to continually help listen to life to the fullest ™. Are you interested in experiencing the new technology first hand? Start with one free sample from Eargo’s virtually invisible hearing aid.