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“Team India’s biggest concern is how to set a target batting first” – Saba Karim




Saba Karim believes Team IndiaTheir biggest concern is the inability to set a terrifying target while hitting the T20I first.

Virata Kohlija they were at the reception in both matches, where they won first in the current India-England T20I series. The hosts lost three wickets in powerplay in both games as they struggled to score.

During the discussion on Indian news, Saba Karim pointed out as the biggest concern at the moment the inability of the India team to set a significant score on the board when setting the goal.

“The biggest concern of the Indian team before the series, and even after playing the first three matches, is also the same, it’s the way to set the target first. In the recent past there have been so many games where India hit first and failed to post a score above 180 -190 runs, ”Karim said.

The former Indian cricketer believes that “People in Blue” did not read the door and understand a couple of results when they are needed first.

“This shows that the clarity and understanding of the goal, which is the goal to be set on a particular goal and which should be the nominal result, the Indian Team still wants to find out and what has been a big concern for the Indian team,” Karim added.

The Indian team has fifty per cent victories in the T20I, while first beating under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, winning and losing 11 games each. However, they still came out as winners in two matches that went to the Super Over against New Zealand.

“India’s team can only improve from here” – Saba Karim

The India team tested Ishan Kishan in the first place to speed up the scoring
The India team tested Ishan Kishan in the first place to speed up scoring

Saba Karim sounded confident that the Indian team was working together to tackle the problem in the last two T20Is.

“The good thing is that India has decided to address this problem, and from here you can only improve. So this is a good opportunity for India to, whenever given the opportunity to strike first, go to a country with the right combination and approach and then only you will be able to solve this problem easily, ”Karim said.

The former coach concluded by saying that the Indian team should use the last two matches in the series to smooth over this particular problem, keeping in mind the T20 World Cup.

“The biggest goal is the World Cup. So, in my opinion, it is very important that India tries to learn how to set a goal in the next two matches,” signed Saba Karim.

Virat Kohli mentioned that the Indian team is trying to be more aggressive in hitting while setting the goal. However, this approach seems to have reversed to some extent, as the People in Blue lost a multitude of tickets at the start of their innings.

KL RahulThe dark form at the top of the order also proved to be a bottleneck for the India team. It will be interesting to see if the last two T20Is last with it or open with Ishan Kishan and return Suryakumar Yadav in middle order.

Posted March 18, 2021, 12:08 PM IST