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Ted Cruz starts and loses spat with CNN reporter over 4th of July parties



Ted Cruz starts and loses spat with CNN reporter over 4th of July parties


President Biden signed a life -saving, life -changing $ 1.9 trillion assistance bill yesterday, showing what leadership is capable of during a crisis like four years of American citizens suffering under Donald Trump. At the same time, vaccination coverage continues to spread, raising hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic is close to the mirror. Since day one of his administration, dealing with the coronavirus has been Biden’s main focus and we are now seeing the dividends of that approach.

What is happening is very good in the fact that President Biden revealed yesterday that if the country rises to the challenge, uses proper safety precautions, and is vaccinated immediately when the dose is available to them, there is a good chance we can celebrate July 4th with the friends and family. Small groups of people can regroup and socialize without fear of catching a potentially deadly virus.

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Because the Republican refused to give Biden any credit he deserved and enjoyed pandemic politics, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) retweeted a video of Biden’s inspiring statement during the 4th press conference. and tried to paint him as cruel. He shared an image of a barbecue with the text “Come and take it,” a phrase often used by conservatives when talking about their assault rifles.

The implication of this is that a small gathering is not enough for Cruz and he would rather ignore the federal government’s warning and not have to risk the lives of his friends and family. As usual, he was flying at the idiots like a pig in the mud.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto saw Cruz’s crazy tweet and wondered out loud about the “current coercion” driving people like Cruz to make “a visceral Freedom fight everything from masks to vaccines.” He rightly emphasized that things that are anti -conservative will help them personally as well as help their communities.

Cruz responded by saying “CNN is puzzled as to why Americans value freedom, ”a true idiot who shows how little he thinks of those who support his mouth. Asking people to be careful and avoid large gatherings in the midst of the deadly pandemic that killed more than half a million Americans is not an insult to freedom, it’s just common sense.

Sciutto responded that he only asked why Cruz presented simple health precautions as a “visceral fight for freedom.” He asked why the senator had no similar angry response to the government telling people to wear seatbelts. He ended by inviting Cruz to his show to discuss, something a malicious senator is unlikely to do. He prefers to avoid any large -scale discussions that could expose the rotten foundations of his hollow beliefs.

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