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Ted Cuz whines in vain for apology after being called a liar for lying about Biden bill




For a political party that proudly wins the phrase “the facts don’t care how you feel,” American conservatives are sure to be vulnerable and obsessed with speaking to the manager.

Si Sen. Ted Cruz, who spent most of his days tweeting childish “COME AND TAKE” gun memes when he wasn’t telling racist lies on the Senate floor or trying to infiltrate Cancun, threw on the floor of Senate this morning and asked Sen. to apologize. Dick Durbin in labeling him a liar for claiming aid checks were sent to undocumented migrants.

While outraged Senator Durbin was forced to centrist himself on an agreement with Ted Cruz that undocumented migrants to America should not receive any stimulus checks – not like they don’t have to buy food or medicine or anything else in these turbulent times and have considerably fewer resources for relief than American citizens – he did not apologize and told Cruz that he was unreasonable in asking them to stop whole process just to make sure that some of America’s most vulnerable residents are less in need of help.

“I read the provisions offered by the Senator from Texas today and I will tell you that he usually tells the American government when it comes to paying money, stop the pressures, stop the pressures, I want to know who the people and I don’t want you to send them a check, and I don’t think it makes sense.We sent 90 million checks, another 60 million coming in. To deny these people cash as we go through this element of debate and division is unfair. I don’t want these checks to land on these people than him, but I won’t stop giving checks to people in Texas, or in the meantime and I’m opposed. “

Durbin gets the real meaning of Cruz’s argument – that nobody should be getting any help checks, because now that Cruz and the rest of the Republican cronies have blasted a $ 1.3 trillion dollar budget hole with their tax cuts for the richest Americans, we can’t afford to save of a thousand thousand for the rest. It’s funny to see Cruz apologizing like a kid on the playground, especially considering the year he’s been, and it wouldn’t have been in his mind for Durbin to give up.

Social media quickly pointed out Cruz’s embarrassing pretense: he didn’t apologize to Donald Trump after he called his father a murderer and insulted his wife Heidi!

Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is the editor-in-chief of the Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor’s degree in history and political science. He is now committed to advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.


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