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Teens who escaped Honduras recall being detained at border for 2 months before reuniting with mom




Houston, Texas (KTRK) – The crisis is a major limit on the topic that’s front and center in Washington this week. There was no great tenderness and children of immigrants crossing the border more than 4,000 children are now stuck in a run-border patrol facilities.

What is the term of the families of the drives to be made. However, what some people call the crisis, some claim that it’s normal.

The 17-year-old boy wants to fly Cicero says he was forced to make a noise in Honduras 12 years of believe their safety. Now all this came to pass, when he said to the gang threatened not: but delivered himself to him to kill his brother, and do not, if it is to join.

No money, I have labored so long as the teen odd jobs for food, he lay down as a trip to the gas stations in Mexico. The other two have done in the time limit to facilitate killed Christ child.

There has also: Thousands of immigrant teens housed in the convention center at Dallas

From the time left for Honduras in the fall of last year and took about three months to two boys with him again slowly returning in an urn or mother. It is uncertain if there were a fear of the danger to live is said to be the house of them that flee.

According to ABC News sources, there is now 4,300 children are in the custody of the border. 25% increase from about 3,400 early in the week. Further, the amount of time a child spends in the facility limit is increased to an average of 117 hours – 45 hours longer than the legal limit, according to sources.

A Republican lawmakers groups call for a topic on Monday after visiting the site crisis.

“We need to look to understand President [Joe] Biden and I are a good guy. Why not just admit you made a mistake, and that the plan was to go to the march and in all Americans safe, “said the Republican leader of the House Committee on Homeland John Katko.

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