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Ten Fun Facts About Android Development



Android Development

Well, who else does not know what Android is and why it is so popular? Indeed, if we talk about a digital product, it becomes clear that the operating system is used by all those who have smartphones, computers and other devices that function on it. Many millions of people around the world know for sure that Android is one of those solutions that allows you to stay in the information space no matter what, and the support of manufacturers makes the software even more interesting, modernized, cool. Due to this fireart android app development services become more in demand, so they should be ordered to grow your business and for many other purposes.

Android, as a symbol of the most popular OS

Like other operating systems, Android has also become more than once – that digital product that succumbed to criticism, and conversations, and even jokes. In the media, you can see interesting facts about Android. Among them it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. Fact one. Doesn’t everyone know who Andy Rubin is?! Indeed, from the very beginning, this digital product should have been implemented not in modern smartphones, but in cameras of various models. Only a couple of people worked on the operating system, and Andy Rubin was their main leader and manager. The specialists, in turn, did the work and believed in their product, although they had no idea how everything, like a coup, would twist in the future.
  2. Fact two. At first, Android was not a digital product of Google. Moreover, Android did not even have anything to do with Google. Andy Rubin’s team has been developing software in a small room and their own little “world” since 2003. And suddenly it happened that they were ready to sell their own developments to Samsung Corporation. The developers even managed to fly to Korea in order to discuss the nuances with the leaders of Samsung, but then they were refused:
  • The leaders of the Korean plant did not believe in Android.
  • Representatives did not believe the six developers of Andy Rubin, led by him, that the software was worthy of attention.
  • At the meeting there were (according to unofficial sources) from 15 to 25 representatives of Samsung.
  • It was after the refusal of the Korean giant that Google became interested in the project.
  • Google acquired this startup for $50 million.
  • True, Google was more cunning and they were more interested in professional developers themselves.
  • The cooperation deal was formalized by Larry Page (in 2005).
  • Andy became the “father” of Android.
  1. Fact three. Few people know that the OS versions were disguised as the names of delicious desserts. True, only starting from the third version, such a name Cupcake was provided. Andy was very passionate about the work, so this factor influenced the creation of just such a name. Another interesting point of the name is that Android is a male robot, so many people say that if you use a female robot, then it’s better to call it “Genoid”. This means that thanks to this, robots have a gender division.
  2. Fact four. What is Android itself? Statistical information suggests that a rather interesting operating system that can be improved by introducing new developments and technologies, for example,
  • The first tablet on this OS was the Samsung Galaxy Tab (2010).
  • The first mass mobile phone on OS – HTC Dream.
  • The pioneer is a version of the Eclair OS, which included “live” wallpapers (which produced a “WOW effect” on modern society).
  1. Fact five. Any of the existing Android smartphones needs a huge amount of memory. The bottom line is that there is too much garbage in RAM, and Java is considered the reason for this.
  2. Fact six. OS versions. The most sought after, best and most popular version is Android 6 Marshmallow. It is also called the “old marshmallow” among the people.
  3. Fact seven. At Google headquarters, it is customary to perpetuate any of the created versions of the OS in the form of themed figures. These are exhibits.
  4. Fact eight. The OS has Google maps. They are programmed in such a way that they build traffic jams on the road not based on statistics, but based on smartphones. That is, smartphones “follow” (speed, location, movement) the user – like this.
  5. Fact nine. The operating system functions exclusively on Earth. NASA re-shipped 2 operating system-based Nexus S to test sensors aboard the International Space Station.
  6. Fact ten. The design solution “Green Robot” is most likely known to everyone. So, it was drawn by Irina Blok (2007). The Russian designer was inspired by science fiction films where the characters were played by cool robots that were painted on toilet cubicles. This is how a good logo was born.

Android is the OS that will be modernized, flourish, improve, so you should order web development based on this OS from professionals:, who will be able to perform services at a high level and taking into account the fashion trends of the software.


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