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‘That should’ve been a disqualification’ – Colby Covington says he could care less about Leon Edwards’ controversial return to the UFC




Colby Covington believes in it Leon Edwards should have been disqualified for accidental eye poking Belal Muhammad. Chaos also revealed his thoughts on Edwards ’return after a break from the Octagon for a year and a half.

Despite the UFC wanting to parry Covington with Edwards, the former interim UFC welterweight champion made it clear that he cared less about how the latter acted upon his return.

During his interview with Submission Radio, Colby Covington questioned the UFC’s placement criteria and claimed that Edwards avoids guys like Stephen Wonderboy Thompson.

“No, I wouldn’t care less what it looks like. I’ve watched tapes from here, pieces from the past and I don’t see anything special. I see a bum, I see a guy who hasn’t fought in two years. What are the criteria for the rankings? How is he still on the rankings “I know before they got him off the ladder for inactivity and squabbling. He didn’t want to fight little Wonderboy, he didn’t want to fight anyone else, so they got him off the ladder.”

After his return to the Octagon after two years, Edwards ’main event against Belal Muhammad ended controversially. Rocky accidentally preoccupied his opponent in the second round, which eventually led to no competition between them.

Colby Covington feels that Rocky should have been disqualified for disobeying instructions and seems to have disagreed with the decision without competition.

“Now he’s back on the ladder, he still hasn’t fought for two years, there’s no competition, which by the way, it should be disqualification because he pushed the guy in the face in the first round and behind the scenes, I know Herb Dean warned him:‘ Hey ‘don’t stab anyone in the eye’ because they gave instructions every time before you went out there and you fought. “How is he still on the scale? What are the criteria?”

What are the next opportunities for Colby Covington in the UFC?

Despite striving for another kick in the UFC light heavyweight title to Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington was nicknamed Gilbert Burns. Chaos is on the back of the win over Tyron Woodley. Yet, like Wonderboy, Burns and Michael Chies have expressed interest in facing the former interim league champion.

Posted March 15, 2021, 5:29 PM IST