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“That’s so stupid” – Eric Bischoff gives honest opinion on comparing AEW to TNA Wrestling




With the recent AEW arrivals Paul Wight i Christian Cage, many wrestling fans have compared the company TNA. Eric Bischoff could no longer agree with these people.

This week Insight into Chris Van Vliet, joined him Eric Bischoff discuss various topics. When comparisons were made between AEW and TNA, Bischoff quickly dismissed them.

“It’s so stupid. I mean, it’s so ignorant. And, when I say ignorant, I don’t mean it as a mocking expression. I mean in the literal sense of the word, in the definition of the word. People who say those kinds of things don’t have real first-hand knowledge or experience .They have theoretical knowledge based on their fandom and their tangential connection to the industry, because they watch it and in some cases they talk about it, they write about it.I really know what they’re talking about.I think what AEW is doing is that it’s by no means groundbreaking, they’re not coming up with an idea here, but they’re smart.Connecting former WWE talents with international, not just domestic U.S. international brand equality and face recognition, and a fan base.What’s wrong with that? That’s stupid! If you have to trust only that, then I see an argument. “

Eric Bischoff brings legends to AEW

Eric Bischoff went on to talk about the importance of AEW using his legends in the right way.

“If AEW brings legends, Sting, for example, the latest Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, these are people who still have an important presence in front of the camera, are they old? Hell, yes, I’m old too. And a couple of them, one of them at least the older ones, but they have value.The audience in wrestling is not one demo.These are not men aged 18 to 34.These are not men aged 18 to 49.It is much wider than It is also family watching, you know, and I think if they are people today know or understand the challenge of building a television product at first on a large cable outlet like TNT or the US or we will talk about cable. You have to reach out to all sorts of people. You can’t focus on just one demo. “

Eric Bischoff concluded by saying he believes mixing the newly acquired WWE stars who already have name recognition with AEW’s long-term talent should just work.

“You can’t just bring in a bunch of young fresh talent. These are young, fresh talents. Well, these are young, fresh talents that no one knows or doesn’t care about. That’s true. When you break in when” again a year, two years, four years, five years of business on the independent scene and no one really knows who you are on national television. You are green. You have to build that audience and that relationship with that audience, and what AEW does by bringing in legends and former WWE talents leads to inequality in the case of former WWE talents and scratches the itch of that component of nostalgia that goes so well with wrestling. But they also bring a lot of young fresh, exciting talent, and they do it at the same time, that is, they don’t bring these WWE talents and legends, if you will, to the detriment of young talent, they do it, in addition to young talent right, I think that’s just the way to which it should be done. “

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Posted March 17, 2021, 5:22 AM IST