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‘The athletes of today are normally better than the athletes of yesterday’ – Georges St-Pierre on Kamaru Usman’s welterweight GOAT claim




MMA is great Georges St-Pierre loans Kamaru Usman to raise the rankings in the UFC’s welterweight category. While during the interview he touches on the current situation in the UFC Ariel Helwani from ESPN, The GSP was asked to share its opinion that Kamaru Usman is considered the greatest welterweight of all time, a title that has been awarded to St-Pierre for a long time.

Citing the role of the evolution of MMA and technological advances in the sports industry, Georges St-Pierre told Ariel Helwani that each generation of hunters tends to be better than the previous one. The GSP added that although the length of Kamaru Usman’s rule is shorter than his, Nigeria’s nightmare deserves recognition for raising the ladder of competitive brilliance in the division.

“As far as achievement goes, it’s different. I’ve done things that I believe he hasn’t done yet … But as painful as it is for any athlete to admit it, today’s athletes are usually better than athletes And no matter how much today’s athletes are good, tomorrow will be better That’s right I don’t think the guys are better, I think the technology is better …

You know, I don’t care who you are, even if you’re Usain Bolt and if you beat the world record, in a few years there’s another guy who will come and beat your record … of course, time in time hasn’t won eleven titles (fights), but raises the bar. If I don’t admit it, it means I’m insulting the entire UFC list. That means saying that the sport is falling behind, and that is not true, “said Georges St-Pierre.

Retired UFC double champion Georges St-Pierre is considered the greatest fighter in the light heavyweight division and one of the greatest consensus MMA fighters of all time. GSP holds the record in 13 wins in the title fight in two separate reigns as champion. The current champion in the light heavyweight category, Kamaru Usman, appeared as the successor of the obvious place of the GSP in the history of the welterweight category. ManyMany, the enticed president of the UFC Dana White, predicted it was on his way to becoming the greatest fighter in the light heavyweight division of all time.

However, with four wins so far in the title fight, Kamaru Usman has a long way to go as Georges St-Pierre is one of the few dominant fighters in the UFC to have wins in three generations of fighters, an achievement that eludes the most.

Georges St-Pierre accepts the reason why the name Kamaru Usman is proposed as the biggest

Georges St-Pierre told ESPN that he accepts the reality that sports in MMA must look forward to, and the upcoming fighters must be presented as the best athletes. The GSP’s remarks relate to the commercial and marketing aspects of the MMA. In order to build superstars, promotions must present active fighters as the best culture of athletes, which basically pushes the achievements and names of retired fighters of the previous generation out of the debate.

“Let’s not forget that mixed martial arts is a sport that follows what follows. It’s not about what happened before … The champion who will come after Kamara Usman will promote him as the best guy ever … But we have Kamara Usman, we have Israel Adesanya. We don’t talk about it Anderson Silva and that’s okay. It’s such a sport and we have to accept it … We like to be remembered for the things we did, but it’s a reality and I accept it, “said Georges St-Pierre.

Kamaru Usman plans to try a fourth successful title defense against Jorge Masvidal at the UFC 261 PPV event on April 24, 2021.

Posted March 18, 2021, 12:30 AM IST