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The best moveset for Ampharos in Pokemon Gold and Silver




A lightweight Pokemon, Ampharos, can destroy other Pokemon as well as illuminate lighthouses.

Ampharos is a great Pokemon to pick up at Johta, as players have such early access. Mareep, a Pokemon that eventually evolves into Ampharos, is available as early as Route 32, right after Faulkner’s gym. This can also be a really strong Pokemon, with 115 Special Attack (equal to Raikou). One drawback of the Ampharos is the somewhat limited displacement, so it’s really only effective with these moves.

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The best set of moves for Ampharos in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

With a strong Special Attack, Ampharos can indeed be effective in overcoming Pokemon after paralysis. It’s not normally that fast, but it’s bulky enough to relive a few hits.

  • Thunder
  • Fire strike
  • Thunder Wave
  • Flash

A very unfortunate flaw of Ampharos is the lack of Thunderbolt, although the move can be learned from Tutor’s move to Pokemon Crystal. Therefore, Ampharos is forced to use Thunder. With 70% accuracy, it will often fail, but it will also destroy all non-terrestrial Pokemon. One strategy could be to pair Ampharos with a Pokemon that teaches Rain Dance, as Thunder is guaranteed in Rain. Thunderpunch is an option for players who value greater precision but do significantly less damage.

Fire Punch is almost the only cover move that Ampharos teaches. It may not be the strongest move with 75 base forces, but it is great for hitting Grass-type Pokemon. These Pokemon resist electric-type moves, so Ampharosima really uses the way they can handle Grass-type Pokemon. There’s also a nasty kind of steel and ice type (Jasmine’s magnets, Pryce’s gym) that Ampharos can at least draw a fireball into.

Thunder Wave is on this move because Ampharos uses paralysis so well. This Pokemon only has a 55 Speed ​​base, which will soon not exceed most Pokemon. Reducing the enemy’s speed will help Ampharos to be more aggressive, as well as to make them occasionally immobilized. For tough battles like Lance at the end of Elite Four, paralyzing those Dragonites can help not only Ampharos, but his teammates as well.

For the fourth slot, almost nothing is highlighted as a necessary option. One thing about Pokemon Gold and Silver is that they somehow force players to have a Pokemon that knows Flash. Mt. The silver is covered in darkness, so a flash is needed to get the red color. It can be very frustrating for a player to arrive at Mt. Silver with a team of their defeated six Pokemon, to realize that their Flash user is stuck in their box.

That said, of course, Ampharos can be effective at sending unwanted Flash to reduce accuracy as well. During some gym fights and Elite four battles, dropping precision may be the only way to win, even though it’s a bit cheesy.

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Posted April 5, 2021, 12:14 AM IST