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The best moveset for Hoopa in Pokemon GO




The coaches will have a lot of luck during Season of Mischief due to the appearance of Hoope, an elite mythical Pokemon from the VI generation.

The psychic and the Spirit are not seen too often on the same Pokemon. The only other Pokemon with this combination are Lunala and Calyrex-Shadow, two legends.

Being a mythical Pokemon, Hoopa gets an excellent statistical range, mostly with 261 Attack in Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, it lags behind other elite psychic types like Mewtwo and Alakazam, but that doesn’t mean they won’t behave well in PvP or raids.

What moves are best on this legendary Pokemon?

Hoop’s ideal quick move would be Confusion. Every psychic-type Pokemon that gets this is lucky because it has a huge 20 base powers and charges 15 energies per use. The disadvantage of this move is that it is a bit slow for fast movement (1600 ms), but the advantages in this case outweigh the disadvantages.

In terms of charge movement, Hoopa works very similarly Espeon: wants the Psychic and Sjenica ball. The only difference is that, since Hoopa is part of the Ghost type, Shadow Ball will get a STAB and cause more damage as a result.

A psychologist should not require much explanation. It’s a very powerful move in the hands of a strong striker, which is a description that Hoop definitely fits. If you only need half the scale to use, that means it will only take four Confusions to have enough energy for the Psychic. Hoop with this combination can delight opponents who do not resist psychic moves.

While Psyche has great power for a move that requires the use of a half bar, Shadow Ball is probably the best move in that category. It is a move of 100 basic forces that can be used an average of 1.5 times in each match.

Since Hoopa is both Psychic and Spirit, he will not resist opposing Spirit-type moves, but will hit Ghost Types in exchange for great damage with Shadow Ball. This makes Hoop a decent option to attack a Pokemon Ghost type, but he won’t beat any Mega Gengars or Giratinas.

As powerful as this Pokemon may seem, Hoopa may get an even stronger version in the future. In the main games of the series, Hoop has an “unbound” form with increased statistics. If this replacement Hoop gets involved in the game, he will undoubtedly become the main striker.

The season of mischief promises that many surprises will be prepared, so Hoopa Unbound may end up in the game by the end of this season.

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