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The best moveset for Poliwrath in Pokemon GO




With all the prominent attackers in Pokemon GO, Poliwrath may have been overlooked because of his big move.

Statistically, he finds himself in an awkward spot where his stats aren’t going well in the Ultra League, but they’re great for Great League. 182 Attack is not too impressive, and its highest statistic is endurance 2047.

Poliwrath is what stands out with its moves: the attacks it can learn are really effective in terms of speed, energy and damage. This Pokemon can be a force to be reckoned with in the Grand League, or even a sleeper selection in the Ultra League.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

How does Poliwrath choose from his big move in Pokemon GO?

Poliwrath has two decent options for quick moves with Bubble and Rock Smash. Overall, Bubble is a better move. Rock Smash has more basic damage, but because it’s a slower move, his DPS ends up where Bubble is. As for EPS, Bubble charges 11.7, while Rock Smash charges only 7.7. This and Bubble’s speed give it a slight advantage.

A factor that can turn the ladder in favor of Rock Smash is the charge moves. The best that Poliwrath has access to is Combat Type, so it might be more logical to use Poliwrath as a general Combat striker.

Speaking of combat-type charge moves, the golden attack that Poliwrath can learn is Dynamic Punch. 90-base power with STAB and consuming only 50 energy is nothing to ridicule. This will be what Poliwrath relies on most of his damage, as he can create indentations in many Pokemon.

Poliwrath also has a lot of room for comparison. One really interesting move that synergizes with Dynamic Punch is Ice Punch. This is a good prediction tool Venusaur inclusion. Venusaur is a tough cons for Poliwrath, as typing grass and poison covers both water and combat. An ice blow can also hit threatening Pokemon flying type Altaria and Togekiss.

The hydro pump can also be great on a Poliwrath that knows Bubble. Still, he may not succeed at Rock Smash Poliwrath, as he will make certain matchups more difficult. For example, Poliwrath can beat Fire-type Pokemon, but if he spends his time clicking Rock Smash on Moltres or Darmanitan, he risks allowing them to reach a powerful charge before Poliwrath can Hydro Pump.

Finally, there is something to be said for Power up Punch. Buffing Poliwrath’s Attack is a great way to improve that stat of 182 Attack. The point is that Dynamic Punch are so good, coaches could end up with Poliwrath who only knows Combat moves. It is often better to have at least a little versatility. The power up Punch would pair well with the Bubble / Hydro pump, but sacrifices Dynamic Punch.