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The best moveset for Salamence in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire




Pseudo-legendary from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Salamence is one of the most popular Pokemon in the game, and with good reason.

Salamence evolves from Bagon, a Pokemon so rare that there is only one place where it can be caught (in Meteor Falls above the waterfall). Game Freak clearly knew that this Pokemon would be highly sought after.

Salamence gets seriously good offensive statistics, with 135 attacks and 110 special attacks. It makes this Dragon and Flying guy one of the few lucky ones who could lead a mixed set. Here are the best moves on Salamence.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

The best set of movements for Salamis in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

This move simply exploits Salamence’s great offensive power. Some people may be surprised the Dragon Dance is not here. This is because Dragon Dance is a move for Salamence in this game. That being said, it pays to breed Bagon with Kingdrom or Gyarados get one with Dragon Dance. Otherwise, this is his best move.

  • Dragon’s claw
  • Fly
  • Earthquake
  • Crunch

Since Salamence does not teach resentment in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Dragon Claw is the next alternative. With 80 base forces it can still do a decent amount of damage. While nothing hits for super effective damage, coaches might be surprised at how much neutral damage this does simply because Salamence is so powerful. This move should end any Pokemon that is slightly weakened.

Surprisingly, Salamence is the only Pokemon in Ruby and Sapphire that can learn naturally in the summer. Sure, this move is great for flying around the map, but by then in the game, most trainers would probably have another Pokemon with Fly HM.

That’s not to say the Salamanca can’t take advantage of the move in combat. Another good flying type move that Salamence learns is air ace, which is great for Pokemon that reduce accuracy or increase avoidance. He lacks the strength that Fly has.

Needless to say, the Earthquake is one of the best moves in the game (perhaps the best unequivocally). Not only is it great with Salamence’s high statistic Attack, but it also opposes the steel-type Pokemon that usually resist Salamence. Having an answer for Steel is almost a must in Generation III as the Champion, Steven, uses the Steel team.

Crunch is a good option for the last move because dark type coverage can be hard to come by. Other than Sharped, there aren’t too many good Dark-types in the game (Mightyen isn’t too good, and unfortunately, neither is Absol in that generation). Considering that Salamence is only available in the late game, he really only gets used to the Elite Four. That makes Crunch extremely valuable, because he deals with Phoebe Spiritual type team.

The flame thrower is a good move to use on Salamence in general. He can take care of the icy species that otherwise destroy this Pokemon. The point is that if Flamethrower doesn’t execute a KO in one hit, any type of Led is likely to knock out the Salamen in return. As for the Elite Four, Salamence will not go through the Glacia team. Crunch is better for the Elite Four, but Flamethrower may be better overall.

Posted April 21, 2021, 12:24 AM IST