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The best moveset for Snorlax in Pokemon Sword and Shield




The sleeping giant returned to the Pokemon sword and shield. Snorlax retained the status of one of the best tanks in the game.

With a base 160 hp, it’s almost impossible to knock out Snorlax with a single blow. The Pokemon’s defensive abilities become overwhelming with Dynamax, where their HP doubles. Snorlax was also lucky to receive the Gigantimax form in Generation VIII. The G-Max Replenish can revive berries that have been consumed.

This could be useful for recycling Chesto berries and Citrus berries, but ordinary Snorlax can still use Dynamax simply because of its astonishingly large amount. Snorlax is able to deal damage while repelling attacks thanks to these movements.

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The best set of moves for Snorlax in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via IGN Southeast Asia
Image via IGN Southeast Asia

With high HP and special defense stats (110), the Snorlax is ideal for running the Curse. It benefits from strengthening the defense and will eventually become capable of drilling holes in opposing Pokemon teams. From there, it’s all about covering Snorlax’s weak matchups.

Damn it

The curse is a very special move that raises the Pokemon’s attack and defense (unless they are Spirit) while at the same time slowing down. Given Snorlax’s high special defense, the reinforcement from Curse complements it perfectly.

Since then, Snorlax can easily be strengthened until it becomes impermeable to damage. Snorlax will also inflict a ton of damage back after sufficiently intensified attacks.

Body Slam

Body Slam is a decent move of the normal type that Snorlax can use to take advantage of curse boosts. After a few Attack fans, Body Slam will level out the opposing Pokemon.

Another option in this slot is Return, but this can be boring to orchestrate, as it involves maximizing Snorlax’s happiness. If the coach is willing to put in the effort, Return will eventually do more damage. Body Slam is a quick and painless solution.


Only a few types of Pokemon can handle Snorlax’s Body Slam: defensive Rock styles and Types of steel who resist the move and the types of spirits who are immune.

The next two moves are responsible for these Pokemon. The earthquake will break through even the most massive types of steel and rock Tyrant, Steelix and Aegislash. Max Quake will also lift Snorlax’s special defense, making it even more durable.

The darkest Lariat

The darkest Lariat is used to patch another Snorlax blind spot: Pokemon spirit. Fortunately for Snorlax, being a Normal type means that, in turn, he is immune to Spirit-type moves.

With Darkest Lariata, Snorlax becomes the perfect Pokemon to deal with ghost species. This is great news for anyone who has a Pokemon Shield, as one of the gyms that is exclusive to the game features a Ghost type Pokemon.

Another advantage that Darkest Lariat brings is that ignoring the extras is extra. Some Pokemon may try to protect their own defenses in response to Snorlax, such as Runerigus or Corviknight using Iron Defense. With the darkest Lariyat, Snorlax can still deal damage as if these Pokemon have never been amplified.

Posted March 19, 2021, 12:15 AM IST