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The best nature for Scorbunny in Pokemon Sword and Shield




Scorbunny, as his design suggests, is an incredibly fast Pokemon and with his true nature can become one of the fastest in the game.

Scorbunny evolves into Cincderace, which is probably the most important Fire-type Pokemon in the whole of Generation VIII. Cinderace gets an incredibly good move with a signature in Pyro Ball, which has 120 base powers. With a little speed behind him, Cinderace can destroy Pokemon just by clicking on Pyro Ball and exceeding the opponent’s speed. The preferred nature of Cinderace is as follows:

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The best nature for Scorbunny in a Pokemon sword and shield

Painting by Deviant Art
Painting by Deviant Art

Cinderance works best with Jolly. This nature increases the speed, and at the same time reduces the special attack. Cinderace has an extremely dazzling range of special attacks, so a low low attack is not a problem for him. By making the most of their 119 basic statistics, players can guarantee their first move against the vast majority of Pokemon.

Cinderace can not only deliver powerful pyro balls to an enemy Pokemon, but also has countless other moves he can learn. Pokemon can choose from chocolate boxes, including Zen Headbutt, Facade, Gunk Shot, U-Turn, Jump Kick, Sucker Punch and many more. Trainers can easily pick which cover they want and hit many Pokemon at once for increased damage.

On top of that, anyone who answers Pokemon sword and shield and gets his hands on Scorbunny’s Hidden Ability to win the jackpot. Libero turns Scorbunny into the kind of move that he uses in combat. Scorbunny gets the same kind of attack reinforcement for every move he makes. It is impossible to underestimate how powerful this Pokemon is with Liber.

As with most Pokemon, Scorbunny doesn’t just require Jolly to be effective. Adamant, who raises Attack at the cost of Special Attack, can also help Scorbunny decimate opposing Pokemon. They will lose some quick fights, but it will also be better to inflict defensive Pokemon that are more willing to outlive Scorbunny. It will still be a relatively very fast Pokemon, regardless, so Adamant Scorbunny is a good option.

Another option that can work on Scorbunny (though much less effective) is Impish nature. If a player gets Impish Scorbunny, he certainly doesn’t have to panic. Scorbunny is learning Bulk Up, which is an option that players might like. Pokemon does not have the highest basic defense (75), but may suffer some hits. The idea with Bulk Up is that while the Pokemon won’t be incredibly bulky, its attacks will do tremendous damage due to the intensified attack.

Posted March 15, 2021, 12:24 AM IST