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The big picture on jobs is still grim




One big problem: the millions of jobs that are open failing thisNotwithstanding the high levels of unemployment.
Companies were 9.2 million jobs open in May, according to government data, the highest number on record going back to 2000. In the latest US jobs report, released Friday, that, 8.7 million people were unemployed in JulyAs long as the other 6.5 million people, but does not collect for their tribute Jobs wanted.

“It’s a position to watch the unusual – This is the ratio of vacancies, his unemployed is high,” Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell told reporters month.

He does? The labor market is really complicated, it’s not always obvious why companies workers, and they do what they do. But there’s a disconnect between the jobs available in ultricies, namely, who presented him a kingly, and skilled workers are, that they’re looking for.

Receiving and sharing the work of the Forum, but if by chance the big picture is not strange that it is gaining strength. Pandemic have changed drastically in which we live and how companies do business. Some industries have benefited while others were crushed.


  • There are many things, and wrestling with like occupation, and the choir should the financial arrangements.
  • This time the danger of the new jobs in the level of safety and hospitality to bear.
  • Some workers and relocated.
  • Lest at any time he wanted to resume his job is the disputer of commuting.
  • Are afraid of being exposed to the coronavirus of the disease.
  • No workers with the right skills for new jobs in growth industries.
  • The benefits to be able to for a long time to wait for the men to work in a certain right to the office Leisure.

These factors help explain why the unemployment rate is up to 5.4%, compared to 3.5% in February 2020 he came to the sight of the pandemic. And the so-called “true” unemployment rate, which may include but are not actively looking for it is the work of those who wish to be closer to 10%.

The intercession of the work, the longer it takes policymakers, if it is necessary to find ways to address the crisis of the trolley. The Fed does not have a silver bullet is to say, the central bank to use, and better able to Congress for help.

Powell ‘some have said, that it is willing to keep the fear that I might take it by yourself, or that it is not vulnerable coronavirus exposure to the work of a family member. One would not be able to free garden or adult relative.

“All of those reasons must fall,” he added. “I have the bottom line here is that they want to work. If you look at the tax sharing can take, people will go to work unless the person. Some people themselves. However, generally speaking, Americans want to work, and you’ll find to the way of their jobs have the same power. not able to take a period of time, in spite of “.

There is also a problem for performing a

America’s hold on the office reopening of the post-summer course have thrown off coronavirus infection turned back to the Delta linked to variant.

It’s done: A major struck companies – including google (GOOG); Blackrock (Claret); Wells Fargo (WFC) CNN and I – I told you the developer should no longer be expected back at their desks and to prepare for the return next month of October.
Reopening of various office and stopped by suppressing part of the Delta.  This can slow recovery, and
Amazon (AMZN) reopening of the office was pushed up further this week with CNN Business true that many corporate workers in countries, including the United States, is not expected back for the ride-hailing app January 2022 lyft (lifting) His return has been delayed work until February, Bloomberg reported month.

What it is and I like to go down to delay a serious blow to the restaurants, bars, and a thousand dry cleaners and other small businesses that depend on the city-center to the survival of foot traffic. It will be no more pain and also pile on airlines, hotels and conference venues, already hard hit by the pandemic.

“There is no upside to this,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, told CNN Business colleague Matt Egan. “How serious is the economic downside of it.”

Some good news: Despite the about-face by corporations, workers are gearing up to head back to work eventually. At the same time of the new universities have been preparing for the beginning of the academic year.

In London, values, rental rose July in the day, the month, the first time since the start of the pandemic, according to Knight Frank. The activity is picking up around the business’s running around the city in search of agencies and companies relocating executives who specialize in reaching the highest level since November 2019 and last month consultancy said in a report Friday.

“They surrounded me he saw from high to low demand and the supply of tipping back the other way,” commented Tom Bill Knight Frank’s head of UK residential research. “Springs and insist that many of the rental values ​​are getting stronger effect.”

Virgin Galactic space trip is to sell for $ 450,000

Virgin Galactic (SPCE) reopen ticket sales for the first time in years, giving anyone who can afford the chance to reserve seats on the company’s suborbital rocket lorem-distance plane.

Price to pay: A flight into space will set you back $ 450,000 – more than double the price of tickets sold a decade ago, my colleague CNN Business O wattles reports.

Virgin Galactic reopens ticket sales - $ 450,000 for a seat
And after the message Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson took out The joy peanut supersonic between the first plane of the space of a decade of the ships, no longer wishes to try as well. Said first meeting of 2022 prepared for commercial activities.

Absent: In many ways, the living who have the cash to do so to the gallows the man, opt out, Sit thou on the other hand they may have to wait quite a while their own. More than 600 people, who were redeemed from among the tickets for $ 200,000 in the $ 250,000 Virgin Galactic, and sold it, to the 10 years, the first batch are near, now for the chance to get a trip to the waiting list is provided in the mouth by means of a space.

About 1,000 people, will be put on a $ 1,000 deposit to secure early access to the latest batch of tickets.

All SpaceShipTwo what is on offer for a long time developer complete use of the land appeared to compare 50 miles from the earth’s surface.

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