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The Capitol Revolution agent answers credibility questions: “I can’t help my emotions.”




Harry Dunn – one of the four agents who testified On Tuesday, before the House selection committee investigating the riot, he told CNN’s Don Lemon on “Don Lemon Tonight,” “Do you know what hurts the most or what happened on January 6? The attacks: the attacks on our credibility and that we lie and that we don’t love our country and that we are fake cops and that we are not real cops ”.
Last week, Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News he tried to undermine Dunn’s credibility before his testimony, claiming without evidence that the officer “is an angry, left-wing political activist.”

“Dunn will try to speak for the country’s police community, but it turns out Dunn has very little in common with your average police officer,” Carlson said on his show.

The comments provoked an immediate response from Dunn’s lawyers, and the agent told CNN on Wednesday evening that “it’s more than frustrating.” Although he was not physically assaulted during the attack, Dunn asked, “If I got here with my arm in a sling or a bandage on my head, would that give me more credibility?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t put a Band-Aid on my emotions or my brain, or my mindset, or my mindset. I can’t put a Band-Aid on it. All I have are my words “.

Dunn has spoken repeatedly about how he and his fellow black officers are still with his distressing experience on January 6, when they endured racist attacks by the insurgents. Flags, signs and symbols of racist, white supremacist and extremist groups were displayed during the riot, along with Trump 2020 banners and American flags. Black officers played a key role in defending lawmakers during the attack.

“More than six months later, January 6 is still not over for me,” Dunn said Tuesday in the House panel. “I know so many other agents continue to hurt, both physically and emotionally.”

Dunn added that he has sought counseling “for the persistent emotional trauma of that day” and has implored his colleagues to do the same if necessary.

“I want to take this moment and talk to my fellow officials about the emotions they continue to experience from the events of January 6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking professional advice,” he said. “What we all experienced that day was traumatic and, if you’re hurting, take advantage of the counseling services we have available.”