The Financial Benefits of Gold Individual Retirement Account

Retirement is a phase of life that everyone should look forward to; it is in fact a blessing to get to the age of retirement. However, this is not the case for a lot of people as the thought of retirement sends chills down their spines. Why is this so? One major reason is that they have no assurance of financial security at retirement. 

One sure fire way of securing one’s financial future is by making wise investments. The gold individual retirement account is one of those wise investments. This is a great way of saving money in Metal Resource and making profit in the long run. 

In this article, we will share briefly how you can invest for your retirement with a gold IRA and the financial benefits thereof. 

How to Invest In Gold IRA

There are 3 major steps to investing for retirement by opening a gold IRA. They are research, start the investment process and choose the metal to invest in. Let’s go into more details! 


Before you jump full throttle into investing in this option, you need to familiarize yourself with all the terms and nuances of the industry. You have to understand all that terms such as bullion coins, future contract, mining stock, funds and companies entail as it concerns gold. 

Here are a few of the questions to ask and a summary of the answers:- 

  1. What is Gold Individual Retirement Account? – This is a self-directed account that is tax-advantaged, targeted at helping people prepare for retirement. You can either use pre-tax or post-tax funds to set it up. It is also known as a precious metal IRA. The major assets that are involved in this kind of account are gold, silver, palladium and platinum. 
  2. What Does It Mean To Invest In This IRA? – With other types of individual retirement accounts, you can invest in mutual funds, stocks and other kinds of investments. However, with a gold IRA, your account is self-directed. This means that you can buy precious metals by yourself. Additionally, you need a custodian to help keep your investment safe. This is because you may decide to buy physical precious metals which have to be stored securely according to the laws that govern precious metals IRAs. Check out this site for more details:
  3. What Are The Types Of Gold IRA Available? –  There are 3 major types and they are traditional gold IRAs, ROTH and SEP. Traditional is tax deferred which means that the account holder is taxed at the point of withdrawal during retirement. ROTH is operated with after-tax funds and doesn’t have any tax advantage in the immediate; its taxes are paid when distributions are made during retirement.  SEP is designed for people that are employed in a small business or owners of such businesses. 

Start the Process 

After you have gathered enough information about the investment, it’s time to start the process. The following are steps to setting up the account:- 

  1. Choose The Type Of Account You Want – This is mostly dependent on the way the account is funded.  With the traditional type, you can roll over from a pre-existing account or fund with pre-tax money. You can also roll over from an ordinary ROTH account to gold ROTH IRA. 
  2. Choose A Custodian – You need to carefully choose a custodian that will help you manage your investment. This person/firm will be responsible for the paperwork and all the legalities involved in opening and managing the account. Remember to compare fees in relation to the quality of service rendered. 
  3. Fund The Account – After you set up the account, you have to fund it. It is this money that will be used to buy the physical precious metal you want. You can roll over/transfer funds from other retirement accounts such as 401(k), 457(b), 403(b), or TSP. You can also roll over from ROTH or Traditional IRA. 

Choose Your Preferred Precious Metals 

There are rules from the IRS that determines what you can purchase with this account. If you want to buy gold bullion, they must be 99.5% pure gold. If you want coins, you can select the U.S Eagle coins, the Australian Kangaroo coins or the Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

Note that gold is not the only precious metals but they are the most common and also most profitable for majority of investors. Click here for more insight. 

Benefits Of Gold IRA

There are a number of benefits to be gotten from this kind of investment but we will share just 3 and they are as follows:- 

It has Great Profit Opportunity 

Precious metals are commodities that will always be valuable and has historically proven to be profitable. Investing in it in the long term will always yield an increase most often a likely 500% ROI. For example, an ounce of gold in the year 2000 was $200 but by 2017, it was sold at $1,200. So those who bought it in 2000 made 5 times the amount invested in profit. 

Diversification of Portfolio 

Other forms of investments are paper based and subject to market forces and can crash at any time. But this type of investment however, provides diversification. When invest part of your retirement funds in these time tested assets you would have spread the risk on your investments. 

Serves As A Hedge Against Inflation

Inflation is a sure factor with other forms of paper investment but with gold, you have a hedge against it. This is because precious metals are not affected by the economy in the same way that other assets are. You can rest assured that your investment will not lose value over time. 


We have shared briefly how you can invest in gold IRA and the benefits to be derived therein. We believe that this information will come in handy as you navigate the waters of preparing for retirement!

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