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The German ambassador to China dies a few weeks after taking office




Hecker had worked as a foreign policy adviser to German Chancellor Angela Merkel before taking up the post of ambassador to Beijing on 24 August.

“We are deeply saddened and surprised to learn of the sudden death of the German ambassador to China,” the German Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday. “Our heart is with his family and his friends and colleagues right now.”

The circumstances of the diplomat’s death have not been revealed.

Hecker took office as the 14th German ambassador to China in late August. Prior to his appointment, he served as director of the Department of Foreign Policy, Security and Development Policy and had been Merkel’s foreign policy adviser since 2017, the embassy in Beijing reported on its official Weibo account.

German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and her then Foreign Policy Adviser Jan Hecker on January 15, 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

When the role began, Hecker said his goals for the new mission were to “contribute to the stable and long-term development of Germany-China relations through our work” and “further strengthen dialogue and partnership.” , said the embassy.