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The Justice Department Is Sending States A Second Warning About Partisan “Audits” Of The 2020 Election



The Justice Department on Wednesday for the second warning issued by the states and called for audits in the 2020 election bullets, federal laws have tried to prevent the o’erwhelming.

Second new guidanceBut the DOJ “is considered to make some jurisdictions [audits] as a means or as a display, procedures, which are in danger of violating the Civil Rights Act “, which requires election officials to retain and preserve them in a federal election is 22 months after the election material.

While there is no wise guidance in a special, Arizona, who are in the section, set up in May in the Department of Justice had previously been cut off from literature The risk of the State, the Republican, which was an impious led to deal with the Senate hears you. The state has subpoenaed Senate votes out of 2.1 million Maricopa County, the largest state, and handed them over and called out against Cyber ​​Ninjas, who has a CEO promoted conspiracy theories electionIn order to form a former member presidential Donald Trump and his accusations foundation voter fraud. The ongoing audit.

When the DOJ hears My warning of Arizona, which has sent a letter in May, and several other cities also, for the Trump to have pushed a is in the account to take part in the civil war of their own, New York and in Pennsylvania. From the DOJ official said the new public call Wednesday that only care, but do not tell Arizona, but «that if you are going to conduct these audits generally – so-called audits … to comply with the federal law.”

At the DOJ State Department did not answer questions about whether to take any action hears from Arizona and other states that do not search to follow, saying that it “can not comment on that there were no ongoing investigations.”

And guidance, “said sets is based on the determination that the Justice Department is concerned it is,” the official said.

As of May letter, the guidance warns the voter and intimidation. Cyber ​​Ninjas that, while initially planned to knock over to vote, and they voted to establish doors at the correct address, the Arizona Senate plan abandoned when he had taken of the DOJ in the letter of appointment.

DOJ also made clear Wednesday that he believes that the Arizona Senate, Cyber ​​Ninjas, if other contractors who can participate in the audit will be judged by preserving and retaining carrying ballots and other election materials, not only election officials, and warned of ” the risk of being lost in the signify the records to be, had robbed, and, vice versa, suspected him, nor be destroyed, “making its choices, are the captain of the matter is not governed by them. “This risk is exacerbated if the election records which have been given to private actors who have no experience or skill in handling records that are imposed by federal law and are unfamiliar with the obligations, the guidance says. ‘

The Arizona audit, with the Democratic Republic of the Department of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs consult determined that Maricopa County election machines that were not useable out of the chain of custody. The company’s board Republican majority, which has been highly critical audit; voted This past month Haman to $ 2.8 million from the general fund to replace the machines.

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