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The LANQ PCDock adds biometric authentication and RGB lighting to any setup, backable now on Indiegogo (Sponsored)



The LANQ PCDock adds biometric authentication and RGB lighting to any setup, backable now on Indiegogo (Sponsored)


These days, you undoubtedly spend a lot of time on your computer. Whether you constantly need more peripheral ports, wished there was an easier way to access all your login information via biometric authentication, or just want to use RGB lighting for post-work gaming sessions, here’s a solution: There is this. You can do it all. Introducing LANQ PCDock series products. Backup now available on Indiegogo.

LANQ PCDock is an intelligent smart hub with a variety of features designed to help you sit behind your desk and do more. It comes in three versions: a standard PCDock Smart Hub, a PCDock Pro stand for single monitors, and a PCDock Pro Max for dual monitors.

This trio has an integrated fingerprint reader that supports Windows Hello, a built-in Wi-Fi module that enhances wireless performance, an advanced Bluetooth module that makes it easy to pair and use wireless peripherals, and two USB-C and USB-A for increased productivity. Equipped with a port. And it’s convenient.

Plus, both PCDock Pro and PCDock Pro Max have built-in 15W fast wireless chargers to keep your favorite mobile devices always charged, and RGB LED lighting for more post-action activities like watching movies or playing games. funny.

Return to LANQ PCDock on Indiegogo today

If you want to help launch LANQ PCDock You can back up on Indiegogo right now.. Promises for the standard PCDock start at as low as $99 (50% off), PCDock Pro at $148 (45% off), and PCDock Pro Max at $198 (40% off). Early bird slots are limited, so if you want to fix it at the best price I need to submit my pledge now. This campaign is expected to end at the end of March.

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