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The ‘Mask Off’: Fauci Hits Back After Clashing With Rand Paul During Hearing




Dr. said. Anthony Fauci does not hold back when it comes to weighing in on his earnest exchange with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) At a hearing this week.

Paul confronted Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, at a Senate hearing on Thursday about why people should continue to wear the mask even if they have been vaccinated for COVID-19 or have recovered from the virus, such as ng IJR reported on.

Fauci was dubbed “the better mind” in the “mask off” in his interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday night where he spoke about the exchange.

During the interview, Fauci said there was “always a case of a grain of truth” in what Paul said regarding claims about protection against re-adhesion after recovery from COVID-19.

However, Fauci added, “He completely doesn’t take into account the variations. He cites literature selectively in how he cites it.”

Americans were later caught “tired” of “barriers” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Fauci declared, “We’re not saying it’s doing it indefinitely. We’re not saying it’s the way it’s going to be all the time. .We say that if you look at the data and look at the science, there’s a chance you could have a problem if you recover too early. “

Paul said to Fauci on Thursday, “You’re telling everyone to mask, if they’ve had an infection or a vaccine. What I’m saying is they have immunity, and everyone agrees that they have immunity.”

He then asked, “What studies have you had that people who have been vaccinated or have been infected are spreading the infection? If we don’t spread the infection isn’t it just theater?”

“No, no …” Fauci replied, before Paul added, “You have a vaccine, and you’re wearing two masks, isn’t that theater?”

Fauci replied, “Here we are again at the cinema. Let’s get down to the truth.”

In case you missed it:

Paul suggested at one point during the exchange, “You want people to get the vaccine, give them a reward instead of telling them that the nanny-state has been there for three more years and you have to mask forever. “

“Let me just say for the record that masks are not theatrical. Protective masks,” Fauci pushed, adding that “absolutely [disagrees]”With Paul on the subject.


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