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The Ultimate Guide to Distributing Z Fold Cards



What is a Z Fold Card?

A Z Card is a compelling and engaging way to increase audience engagement with a print marketing campaign. Its ability to fold open from a compact mini credit card size into a piece of paper big enough to print a map on, is what keeps brands coming back to use the format, time and time again. No brand wants its precious time, money, and print marketing efforts thrown straight into the bin. The ability to fit large amounts of images and text onto a sustainable and durable product will ensure that it lasts way longer than your standard print campaign.

The physical and tangible aspects of the z fold card are much more engaging than the repetitiveness of the digital advertising world, which leads to increased audience engagement. 91% of direct mail campaigns are opened, compared to only 20% of all emails. This is because z cards can create a personal connection with your target audience, as it shows that you’re interested specifically in them.

How to create a mailing list?

Z fold cards are highly accurate and cost-effective when it comes to pinpointing a target audience. If you don’t already have your mailing list, then choosing a reputable print marketing company such as alpha card will take the pressure off. A great print marketing company can match the description of your target audience to create a targeted mailing list for you. Demographics such as the age, gender, and income of your target audience will ensure your campaign lands straight on your ideal customers’ doorstep.

How to distribute your z cards

The most important part of distributing a z card campaign is to ensure that your audience has easy access to them. Door drops aren’t the only way to go about this, think about where your audience spends most of their time and then make sure that your campaign appears there.

1)    Conventions and exhibitions

Handing exhibition attendees your z fold campaign at an event can grab their attention and make you stand out from your competitors. The allure of the z fold is that it will fit easily into the attendee’s pockets for them to keep for weeks after the event.

2)    Inside purchases

Mailing a z fold card with a thank you message inside purchases can lead to happy, satisfied, and loyal customers. Showing your customers that you appreciate them, and their orders will improve brand perception and increase your repeat orders.

3)    At the till

Leaving the z card campaign at a point of display such as near a till or reception desk can attract customers to pick up their campaign. Why not use the z fold card to help your customers solve a problem, such as, by creating a map, information guide, timetable, or even a hotel room keyholder

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