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The Weekly Authority: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and FF14 Endwalker




⚡ Welcome back weekly authority, NS android permission A newsletter that categorizes the week’s top Android and tech news. The 171st edition includes everything you need to know about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, Samsung’s Galaxy A13 launch, and the FF14 Endwalker expansion.

🤵 I got Mafia: Definitive Edition at half price from the Black Friday PS Store sale, and it’s a seriously impressive remaster of a 19-year-old game.

Top news this week

Snapdragon 8 1st Generation Reference Phone







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white tile mate in wallet

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weekly wonder

final fantasy 14 endwalker

The Final Fantasy Endwalker expansion is finally out in Early Access! The game won’t be officially released until Tuesday (December 7th), but Early Access will open on Friday. Ready if not.

What Square Enix expects long queue, due to the influx of new players and lack of global chips, no new worlds are created for players to log in.

Who has Early Access and when will it open?

Some useful tips to know about Early Access:

  • Early access started Friday at 1:00 AM Pacific Time / 4:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM GMT.
  • Available only to those who pre-ordered the game through Steam, the PSN Store, or the Square Enix site.
  • The game costs $40 on Mac, PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.
  • Square Enix’s Endwalker FAQ A great place to find more information about Early Access.
  • Early Access runs through December 10th, after which you’ll need a Final Fantasy Endwalker code to continue playing.

How big is the expansion?

Total file size for the entire game and Endwalker on steam 80 GB. If the whole game takes up 60GB, it looks like a 20GB download for expansion, so make sure you have enough space.

Will the line be long?

Queues are inevitable while new games are released. Queues are inevitable, especially during Early Access of games as popular as Final Fantasy 14.

The company has posted some tips and information. blog post Earlier this week — here are a few highlights.

  • As with many early access periods, inactive players will be kicked out after 30 minutes.
  • If your login server has a lot of traffic, you may see an Error 2002 code when selecting characters.
  • Players using the full version of the game are: Login Priority Than a free trial account.
  • Even if the queue doesn’t look like it’s counting down, it’s still working, so log out and don’t lose your seat!
  • During busy periods, there are no accounts that can create new characters.
  • Even after logging in, you can also view the in-game queue when teaming up for instanced content such as dungeons.

What’s new in Endwalker?

Endwalker is the fourth expansion pack for Final Fantasy 14, ending a long story. In addition to new areas, weapons and raids to explore, there are two more classes to choose from. A reaper who summons ghosts to fight, and a sage who can heal and empower other players. Viera also has a new male race that was previously only female.

polygon Here’s an overview of all the biggest changes you can expect.

What’s next for the Final Fantasy franchise?

eagerly looking forward to final fantasy 16 Here are a few things that are in progress and need to be known:

  • It is said to be a console dedicated to PS5.
  • Set in the fictional land of Ballistea.
  • Due to the plague, a disease that is spreading across the continent, the continent has six factions just before the war.
  • An official release date has not been confirmed It looks like the game is still in the “nearly finished” stage.
  • At the PlayStation Showcase event, there were rumors about a June 2022 release because the phrase ‘Valistea 06.16’ was attached to the video intro.
  • The trailer shows a similar style to the Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 remakes, but we haven’t seen much gameplay yet.

tech calendar

  • December 6-8: RISC-V Summit
  • December 7th: Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Expansion Officially Released
  • December 8: Halo Infinite Release Date (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC)
  • December 12 (to be decided): Xiaomi 12 series launched
  • December 14th: Aliens: Fireteam Elite Coming to Xbox Game Pass
  • December 17th: The Witcher season 2 is on Netflix
  • December 22nd: Matrix 4 release date

Tech Tweet of the Week

Paula Beaton, Copy Editor

Weekly Authority: The Pixel 6a and the End of the Galaxy Note?

weekly authority

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen back


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