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“There was big heat now” – Vince McMahon’s rule change caused WWE match to finish early (Exclusive)




Once upon a time WWE Judge Nick Patrick found that a Vince McMahon a change of rules once caused a match involving Christian to have an awkward ending.

Patrick worked as a judge in the WWE from 2001 to 2008. During that time, McMahon felt that too many judges counted only to two when the WWE Superstars failed to knock out before three counts. As a result, he applied a rule that gave referees the power to count to three if it took the WWE Superstars too long to throw out.

I’m talking to Dr. Chris Featherstone on Sportskeeda Wrestling Inside SKoop, Patrick recalled how McMahon ordered another former judge, Teddy Long, to be stricter. The change of approach resulted in two-time WWE heavyweight world champion Christian abruptly losing the match.

“He is [Vince McMahon] pulled Teddy aside because I think Teddy was one of the people who saw something and it made him angry. So he says, “Teddy Long, if they do, count them down.” A week later, he [Teddy Long] out there working with Christian and Christian cut it off and they counted him down. It was very hot now, so now I show up and have his [Christian’s] match me and Teddy hanging out, old friends, laughing and joking, and Christian is like, “Oh man, I hope he doesn’t do the same to me.”

Watch the video above to hear more stories from Nick Patrick from his judging time on the WWE. He also discussed a similar situation when he refereed a match between Undertaker and JBL at an overseas live event.

Nick Patrick at the time he used the ‘X’ symbol in the WWE

Booker T was injured in a live WWE event match
Booker T was injured in a live WWE event match

WWE referees raise their hands above their heads in the ‘X’ symbol whenever the WWE Superstar requires medical attention during a match.

On the topic that the WWE Superstars aren’t throwing out, Nick Patrick remembered stopping his count once during a Booker Ta match. He didn’t realize that Booker had suffered a legitimate back injury against Matt Hardy at a live event. The double WWE Hall of Famer planned to let Hardy win, but Patrick stopped his counting before he managed to count to three.

Eventually, Patrick used the ‘X’ symbol to let WWE’s medical team know that Booker needed treatment. Hardy continued to win the match by counting down.

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Posted March 19, 2021, 11:38 PM IST