The Play Store recently won a new title for pre-registration, and it’s an upcoming Walking Dead game with the theme of strategic survival-based gameplay. Called The Walking Dead: Survivors, the game appears to be working since at least November 2020. Official Facebook page. Well, this weekend Pre-registration is possible in the US, Germany, and Russia For the title in anticipation of the upcoming release.

Gameplay provided: Up to down

Although Play Store listing The Walking Dead: Survivors doesn’t provide a trailer, and fans in the test area have already uploaded a gameplay video, so you can see how this game works in the video above. The Walking Dead: Survivor Standard kingdom builder, isometric view, etc. This is not surprising as it is the only other game below. Account at Galaxy Play Technology Limited General Kingdom Builder. Of course, The Walking Dead: Survivors also provides survival mechanisms, so you can find survivors and supplies as you build your camp.

If your gameplay video doesn’t give you a clear picture of what to expect from The Walking Dead: Survivors, this is probably the screenshot. As you can see in the image above, the game is full of timers, calls and all kinds of buttons that clutter up the screen. So, there is no doubt that the game will be released as a free game title, rather than the release date has yet to be revealed.

So there you are. An unnamed developer/publisher somehow got a license for the Walking Dead game and it looks bad as expected. Tapping a well-known brand over the trash can is a common occurrence in the Play Store, so the upcoming The Walking Dead: Survivors looks more alike. Still, if you want to be notified whenever a game is released, you can now pre-register for The Walking Dead: Survivors on the Play Store if you live in the United States, Germany or Russia.

The Walking Dead: Survivor
The Walking Dead: Survivor