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‘They Easily Weaponize “Cancel Culture” Against Jews’: Student Calls Out Anti-Semitism at Syracuse




While many on the left claim that “cancel culture” only accounts for the accountability of individuals for their actions, others claim the act of collectively motivating people from public life. over perceived wrongs sets a dangerous paradigm.

In the view of a Syracuse University student, this unique form of external ostracism is a weapon against the Jewish people, as is evident in his own New York university campus.

Justine Brooke Murray – a leading political scientist and broadcaster at Campus Reform – told The Western Journal during an interview about her recent Op-Ed.

“[T]He left the Left with their destructive attempts to cancel what they disapproved of as ‘only responsibility to the people,’ because they feared being held accountable for intimidating people into silence. They easily armed ‘cultural cancellation’ against the Jews, by touting the ages of troops we have dealt with over the years-that we are all greedy and privileged, except this time, we are considered White, ”Murray told The Western Journal.

“That is why Jews are not considered high enough on the totem-pole of intersectionality to accept the victimization status awarded to other minority groups. Today, Jews are hated for their state of country, and labeled as ‘white supremacist’ by the wing unless they reject Israel and shed their Zionism, which for most Jews is a key component of their faith, ”Murray continued.

“Even if you are the most liberal in your beliefs, to be accepted on campus, and to be accepted as a progressive activist, a Jew must deny the core part of his or her identity. Regardless of how far you have left – you can you will also be targeted and dismissed if you are public about your connection to Israel. ”

Published in The Algemeiner – a Jewish news publication – on March 8, Murray’s Op -Ed walks through his experiences dealing with anti-Semitism during his time on the Syracuse campus.

Murray’s experiences not only illustrate anecdotal examples of personalized bigotry – they reveal the problem of being systematic in Syracuse, involving students, staff members and even administrators.

In his freshman year, for example, Murray came across a poster in his dorm that included a flag of Israel with the Star of David crossed. When confronted by the responsible member of the dormitory staff, “he expressed shock that the Jews would see it offensive” and insisted that the anti-Semitic image was intended to celebrate Black History Month.

Murray also discovered that students can receive college credits if they work for the Syracuse Peace Council (SPC), an organization that favors the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement intentionally. to destroy the Jewish state.

A speaker at an SPC forum gave support for Hamas – an anti -Israel terrorist organization – according to Murray’s report for Campus Reformation.

In addition, Murray revealed that in the fall of his junior year, a professor in his class told his class that “Israel created Hamas,” saying “Hamas is a creature of Israel. There is nothing anti -Semitic about it.”

“A month later, the university witnessed a brief incident of racist graffiti, with swastikas etched on the walls of our dormitories and of snow. Another Jewish professor received a threatening email in his account at school, calling him a ‘massive looking k * ke,’ ”Murray told The Western Journal.

“Of course, the administration spoke out here, because they assume the culprits came from Political Rights.”

“They did nothing to support my Jewish professor who was attacked last summer, because the culprits were students on the Left who anointed him under the guise of ‘Palestinian rights.'”

Murray publicly defended a Syracuse professor last summer who was devoted to his overt Zionist beliefs. As a result, both students and professors have been targeted by “the campus hate mob,” according to Murray.

Following this, mobs harassed him on social media, attempted to release his personal information and even sent Murray multiple death threats.

“This situation became so bad that the FBI had to intervene, because the university continued to ignore our reports and refused to help us. They even let the students off the hook, who were identified as culprits. In at one point, an administrator even admitted to me that the university was still not sure if they wanted to consider anti-Zionist anti-Semitic attacks, ”Murray told The Western Journal.

Murray’s Algemeiner Op-Ed hopes to shed light on a recent example of what he sees as anti-Jewish bigotry – The school’s Student Association rejected a proposal to use the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of Anti-Semitism.

The student group rejected the proposal on two fronts: One, because it did not support political opinions and positions, and two, because it saw IHRA’s inclusion of “anti-Zionism” in its definition as a threat to “free speech.”

The Student Association argued that including “anti-Zionism” in the definition would be political because it would imply any criticism of Israel or the Israeli government as “antisemitic.” However, this is a total misrepresentation of what “anti-Zionism” means, as explained by the definition of the term Anti-Defamation League.

“Anti-Zionism is a prejudice against the Jewish movement for self-determination and the right of Jewish peoples to a homeland in the State of Israel. It can incite or result in anti-Semitism, or it can create a climate in which anti-Semitism will be more acceptable, ”ADL’s website reads.

“Anti-Zionism may include threats to destroy the State of Israel (or otherwise eradicate the character of the Jews), baseless and inaccurate characteristics of Israel’s power in the world, and language or actions which holds Israel to a different standard than other nations. “

Moreover, the Syracuse Student Association Concern for free speech and supporting political opinions came out as hypocritical, Murray explained, given that the group was fully willing to suppress speech and promote political opinions as long as those actions served an agenda against Israel. .

“It was the same Student Association that, on the same day, advertised that the school’s Office of Difference and Inclusion had invited to campus a disparate, sharp political spokesman, Marc Lamont Hill, known to proudly spewing anti-Semitic bloody amusements, publicly supporting condemned terrorists, and most recently saying that the goal of the Black Lives Matter movement is to ‘dismantle the Zionist project,’ ”Murray told Op-Ed.

“It’s the same Student Association that also passed a resolution to block a conservative spokesman, Ben Shapiro, from appearing on campus last year, accusing him of anti-Palestinian bigotry.”

This is all embodiment, in Murray’s view, of slow change cancel the culture.

Although this only applies to conservatives and those who reject certain left -wing principles, the political tactics of social condemnation and ostracization will also apply to other groups – that is, Jews.

“College campuses are becoming intolerant of students who do not adhere to progressive orthodoxy, and university administrators are turning a blind eye to violence and threats of violence against students targeted by the radical left, “Murray told The Western Journal.

“It’s no longer just a situation of a conservative student being avoided, ridiculed or ignored. Now, uttering a conservative view-or simply questioning the left world view-seems justification for a student. to cancel, destroy, deny school attendance, be fired or refuse from joining any organization, and be the target of physical violence, ”he continued.

“To question any liberal progressive posture is now justified to start being subjected to a bad, defamatory social media campaign that also spreads to members of your family, friends and any associations.”

“The designated campus fighters who are launching these excommunication campaigns are convinced that all things are justified, including violence, against conservative voices – and now, that applies to Jews who do not hide their identities. , ”Murray said.

The Western Journal reached out to Syracuse University for comment but received no response at the time of publication of this story.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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