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“[They’re] primed and ready to be the face of AEW” – WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has high praise for AEW wrestler




Bully Ray to think Britt Baker DMD. is ready to be a face AEW, not just the face of their women’s division.

Today on Busted Open on SiriusXM, Dave LeGrega and WWE Hall of Famly Bully Ray had only praise for last night’s main AEW Dynamite event between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa. Bully Ray went so far as to say that Baker was ready to be the face of AEW.

“After last night, I don’t think Britt Baker is ready and ready to be the face of the Women’s Division. After last night I think Britt Baker is prepared and ready to be the face of AEW. Last night’s performance was completely too strong of her. I have no reason to I come to this show and put Britt Baker as strong as I am today, unless she gave me a reason. They talked about the face of the revolution. through the tables … Come on! “

“I think both women got over it last night” – Bully Ray praises last night’s AEW Dynamite Lights Out match between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa

Bully Ray also made a comparison to Britt Baker’s appearance last night with Steve Austin’s “Stone Cold” iconic moment against Bret Hart at WrestleMania XIII.

“I always talk about switching and repainting. I think both women crossed over and got over last night in last night’s match there were no losers. As we know, when it comes to the world of professional wrestling and sports entertainment, it’s not the matches we create, these are the moments we we create, Britt put so much on the table for AEW, why I posted a picture of her and Steve Austin, because it reminded me of that, if you challenge that kind for me, you did one damn job, and both women did one damn job. Those women sold, they registered, they showed me their face, they showed me the pain, the pain, they showed me the fight, everything that a blood revenge game should be. I won last night. “

What do you think of Bully Ray’s comments when it comes to Britt Baker? Do you think she is ready to be the face of AEW? Let us know by advertising in the comments section below.

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Posted March 19, 2021, 6:22 AM IST