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Time’s up for Andrew Cuomo



Time's up for Andrew Cuomo


It’s time for Andrew Cuomo.

Prominent New York politicians at every level gathered Friday in a chorus demanding the resignation of the troubled Governor in the wake of a growing sexual harassment scandal in which six different women accused Cuomo of inappropriately conduct, which allegation Albany police are now investigating.

Long ago the Democratic Party removed itself from one of its most glamorous figures. Once honored as a hero of a terrified nation for demonstrating the core competence and leadership he provided at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, it is now clear that he is a ruthless ruthless and indifferent to a narcissist like Donald Trump.

Worse than the sexual harassment allegations are the accusations that the Governor’s office prevented patients infected with COVID-19 from turning away from nursing homes and then actively covered up the number of deaths after predicting the virus to reap a frightening number in the most vulnerable peopleat the same time he started writing his book about “solving” the COVID-19 crisis. 15,000 New Yorkers will die in nursing homes thanks to Cuomo’s “leadership,” and their families have no avenue for restoration thanks to Cuomo’s issuing a Liability Shield to house executives – who accidentally gave him a million dollars during the 2018 major.

For him to write a book titled “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” while lying to the public about the thousands dying in nursing homes on behalf of his financial supporters is about in as Trumpian that a show of hubris you can take you

Now we know he shares more with his fellow New Yorkers than we ever thought possible.

Interviews with dozens of former Cuomo aides and New York’s politicians the New Yorker exposed a governor’s office as “a cultural fraternity” or a “high-school clique” and a cultivated “culture of oppression and harassment” used to cover up decades of mismanagement and incompetence. “It’s total toxic masculine nonsense lurking in a poorly run area,” said former Cuomo official Joel Wertheimer.

Cuomo surrounded himself with beautiful women and set high expectations for their dress and behavior, an absolute psycho who rejoiced in the use of the power he had in their careers and their sense of self-esteem. A statehouse reporter for POLITICO New York, Jessica Bakeman, writes of her behavior not about sex. It’s about power. He wanted me to know that I was powerless, that I was small and weak, that I was not worthy of what relative I had: a platform to hold him accountable for his words and actions. He wanted me to know that he could take away my dignity at any time with an inappropriate comment or a hand on my waist. “

Remind you of anyone we know?

It is very sad to see the flood of support Cuomo has received from brainwashed liberals who have convinced themselves that it is some kind of elaborate plot to replace Andrew Cuomo with a Republican who will then forgive Trump and avoid the New York attorney general’s office from prosecuting him. That’s ridiculous and we don’t allow the fanatical Red Team versus the Blue Team to think that will prevent us from maintaining our own responsibility, that we should do!

You may not want to hear this, but Cuomo is our Trump. He is the son of a powerful New Yorker who continues to live in his father’s shadow. He floats a golden parachute to life, treating women like things and bullying everyone who dares to stand up to him before rising to power. Once in power, he thugs and intimidated his way into maintaining a veneer of ability to cover up his abuse and corruption. He ran the New York Democratic party like the mafia and even gerrymandered his own Senate to protect the interests of the richest New Yorkers. He has already started a commission against corruption and then washed it out two months later once it started looking too closely at its own business!

For all the relentless posturing and self-congratulation about how much better we are than Republicans, we’re sure reluctant to hold ourselves to the same standards.

If we are truly determined to empower women, listen to them and believe them when they start their stories, to fight for a society where women are treated as human beings and not as sexual objects, then we must be ready to train what we preach, especially in our own ranks. That’s why it’s time for Andrew Cuomo to resign and let a true Democrat clean up the mess.

We don’t want to be a party that respects this kind of person.

Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is the editor-in-chief of the Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor’s degree in history and political science. He is now committed to advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.


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