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Tinder’s new giveaway could make Covid dating safer … for one day, at least




Under the self-500 gives the couple soccer app is a free kit will be able to experience that “the next step is to take in the game sesh,” in Group match (mtch)-Owned brand announced Tuesday. Partnered with tinder Everlywell, the maker of Covid federally approved test 19;To promotion.

Matches will have to act fast, because it is only giving away 1,000 free Under tests on March 20 at 7 pm, which is the first day of spring.

In the year, stuck in people flocked dating apps to meet and talk to new people. Jumped to 18% of revenue tow $ 1.4 billion, while popular soccer match boosting the Group’s overall business app. Genie, soccer app sediment, has seen its share price to double and the public a month ago.

The 19-test Covid promotion to help people feel safe enough to go out. Fomes said that 40% of people 30 years of matches between the subject had not met in person.

The company also noticed that the phrase “to give a” hit record highs on the users’ accounts of the month. “This is a truly seems to be around the corner and are ready to invite him to meet the crush,” Tinder said in a press release impact.

1,000 fomes to express Covid 19 from the free Everlywell approval.

Of course, it becomes a test of caveats. CNN medical analyst, said Dr. Leana Wen Everlywell is widely used law, if accurate, but also mean people do not go wild.

“My test for people to use it in the right way, and they do not see children as a negative test is reached,” Wen told Business CNN.

Wen, an emergency room physician in Baltimore and his visiting professor of public health from George Washington University, recommends that the quarantine for a week before the test will remain separate, while waiting for the event, which is between 24 and 48 hours, which has mailed.

“At this time, the high-risk if they do, to take actions that could be infected while waiting to get you,” he said.

Still, Wen said soccer is now possible meeting with vaccinated people. “If two people are fully vaccinated, and live alone it’s been two weeks after the second shot, then one can see that without any fear,” he said.