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Tips for Finding the Best Slot Games



Slots are the most popular casino games. They are mostly loved because of their simple game mechanics. You place your bets, press the spin button, and wait for the winning combination to pop up.

There are thousands of slot games to play, including Playtech slot games. You won’t have to worry about choosing the right slot because you can filter them by their popularity and provider.

You can use the tips below to help you find the right slot.

Bonus Features

One of the reasons why most players prefer playing online slots is that several features can boost the chances of winning, especially jackpots. Some of these features include wild symbols and scatters. Scatters are the highest-paying symbols that trigger bonus rounds. The wild symbols duplicate themselves and transform regular symbols.

Apart from the special symbols, a free spin bonus round is activated once you land a specific number of special symbols on the reels. Some slots also have a Mini-game feature that gives you two or more options for you to choose from. It could be symbols, cards, or cards depending on the game’s theme.

Number of Paylines

Before placing your bets, you should check the paytable to find the number of paylines offered in the game. Paylines are helpful as they tell you the number of ways to win. The symbols are also listed on the paytable. More paylines guarantee you more chances of winning.

RTP and Variance

Playing slots with a high return-to-player (RTP) percentage and low variance is best. The RTP usually tells you the amount you’ll win in the long run. Volatility, on the other hand, describes your chances of losing a bet. RTP is usually expressed as a percentage found at the game’s bottom. Variance is described as low, medium, medium-high, or high.


It’s best to ensure you’re comfortable with the game’s layout because some slots have uniquely positioned reels. Some may not even have any reel at all. Fortunately, an exciting play mode allows you to play games for free and decide if it’s worth your time.

Reviews and Rating

Reading slot reviews with ratings is sometimes helpful, especially when thinking about the best slot you want to play. Reviews provide the necessary information and a brief description of triggering bonus rounds.

Type of Slot

You should identify the type of slot you want to play to narrow down your choices. Below are some of the different types of slots:

Classic slots: These slots have fruit symbols such as bananas and berries. They have no special symbols and bonus rounds.

Multi-pay line slots: These types of slots usually have 243, 720, or 1024 ways to win.

Video slots: They are filled with special symbols and very interactive gameplay.

Progressive slots: these slots give the best payouts.

Slots are fun games to play online and at land-based casinos. They are easy to play and often have hefty payouts. With a few key points like the ones mentioned here in mind, you can choose the best slot game to play.

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