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To defeat Godfrey, Elden Lord’s first challenge in Elden Ring



Finally making it to Erdtree and securing the throne now that Sir Gideon, The All-Knowing, has been dead. Godfrey, Marika’s first husband and the first Elden Lord, is the only thing preventing you from succeeding.

Fight preparationsLike the Slave Knight Gael and the Knight Artorias encounters from FromSoftware’s most famous boss confrontations. Cheese him out by “hugging the butt,” hiding behind a pillar, or anything like that won’t work. For the rest of the game, Godfrey will have you wait patiently for safe windows of opportunity to attack so that you can time your dodges precisely. Being familiar with his skills will give you an edge in this true test of talent.

Fortunately, it’s a simple fight. Because Godfrey only deals physical damage, you shouldn’t be concerned with his Elemental Defenses like Dried Livers. Wearing armor with the highest physical damage resistance will suffice.

The weapon that does the most damage in the shortest amount of time should be used in melee builds. Because the attack window is so small, anything with a long windup should be avoided. Glintstone Icecrag is one of the best spells for sorcerers because it can be thrown rapidly and often. Use a Magic sword (such as Adula’s Moonblade) to punish Godfrey if he approaches too close. In order to shorten the fight, Faith builds should have either Rotten Breath or Ekzyke’s Decay loaded, as he is vulnerable to Scarlet Rot.

As a result, long-range constructions are vulnerable to Godfrey’s constant presence and his ability to cover a lot of distance rapidly if he isn’t distracted by another player. The ideal Spirit Summon for this fight is Black Knife Tiche, as she will remain near to the enemy and allow you to plan your own attack. NPCs such as Nepheli Loux and Shabriri can be used to your advantage in battle. Complete Nepheli’s mission and meet the Three Fingers at the Frenzied Flame Proscription.

Elden Lord, first and foremost, how are you going to take down Godfrey?

Godfrey is a formidable opponent, but there are ways to minimize the damage he deals if you know where to look. It is possible to protect yourself from his axe with a shield (at least in the early stages), but stopping it with just one or two strokes will drain your energy. Most of his attacks may be dodged or rolled about. The windup, for example, takes more time than you may anticipate, but repetition will help you get the hang of it.

Keep an eye out for these movements throughout the first phase:

  • The first step is to hurl an axe (Godfrey, First Elden Lord). He generally begins a fight with this tactic. Jumping into the air, he’ll toss his Axe to the ground and then plunge back to the earth. Dodging the axe in any direction will keep him from collapsing. Get a few hits in while he’s recovering.
    Drag with an axe. Using an upward slash, the axe will be yanked out of the ground as he rushes at you. Make a hasty getaway.
  • An axe can be used to slash. He’ll swing his Axe at you. This technique, which may connect from a considerable distance, is usually used in conjunction with other axe swings. Avoid being hit by moving to the side.
  • Fissure. Godfrey will swing his axe a few times before slamming it to the ground, according to rumors. Shortly after that, he’ll continue to beat on the ground with his axe until the entire arena is riddled with huge gashes. The fissure will erupt with an AOE blast in a short period of time. Quickly roll away from the expanding crack as soon as it stomps on it. Run to the side to avoid being hit by the AOE’s follow-up attack. It is highly likely that he will launch a follow-up attack.
  • Stomp. A cone-shaped pattern of pebbles will fly out of the ground as Godfrey stomps on you. This strategy is commonly employed in conjunction with others. There is no protection from AOE damage if you dodge-roll. Avoid this temptation at all costs. He should instead leap to his feet as soon as he touches the ground. Jump at him and perform a jump attack to punish this technique.
  • Avoid injury by jumping over the shockwave. Use it to your advantage and inflict as much damage as possible during its long windup and recuperation phase. For as long as the white aura is hovering high above his head, his stomps will cause a shockwave instead of the traditional black AOE. Unlike his previous stomp, this one may be rolled through, which is both a pro and a drawback. His shockwave AOE now encompasses the whole arena.
  • Godfrey will ruthlessly slaughter Serosh and reveal his true form as Hoarah Loux, Warrior when he is about half-healthy. Axes are out of the picture, but you’ll have to deal with new, considerably more lethal, grabbing strikes. You can’t block these moves, and if they connect, you’re done for.


The next stage is as follows: (Hoarah Loux, Warrior)

First, seize the opponent’s arm. This is how Hoarah Loux always begins phase two. To get your attention, he will run up to you and slowly stretch his arms. Elden Ring items for sale‘s possible for him to jump at you from a distance rather than running towards you later on in the fight. If he hits you, he’ll launch you into the air before slamming you back down. Avoid being grabbed by moving to the side.

The second grab attack, which is more lethal, will also be launched. While charging at you with his arms crossed, this guy is going to attempt an all-out assault that will catapult you across the arena and crush your bones. Make a last-minute dash to finish it.

Suffocation occurs when someone is slammed onto the ground. If he gets his hands on you, he’ll try to jerk you into the air and then dump you to the ground. Avoid being hit by moving to the side.

Attacks using claws are common. A second swipe, followed by a second and a second and a second, and a seventh and a seventh. To avoid the second set of rapid-fire swipes, which are incredibly difficult to dodge after the first two, avoid the first two swipes.

The Earthshaker by Hoarah Loux His first move is to snarl and then leap into the air before slamming you in the face. Both hands will be crushed into the ground simultaneously, resulting in an AOE blast and craters that will burst a split second afterward. You can avoid the AOE and stomp out of the way of the craters before they explode. He’ll stomp on you, sending rock shards flying into the air, just like in phase one. Jump over them once more. Whenever he’s nearing the 25% point of health, he’ll do the super stomp twice instead of once. Jumping over either of these things will allow you to avoid them.

Despite the fact that timing might be a challenge in both phases of the fight, all of his attacks are well communicated. Take note of how he sets up each attack, and be careful with your dodges. Slamming the roll button will almost surely result in defeat if you’re fighting him. You’ll be triumphant in no time if you don’t get greedy with your attacks. 300,000 Elden Ring runes, Hoarah Loux’s Remembrance of War, and Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker Ash of War are included in your reward. It’s time to enter the Erdtree and face Radagon and the Elden Beast now that Godfrey has been killed off.

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