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Top 3 Fire Pokemon from Hoenn




Fire Pokemon are often overlooked in the Hoenn region.

There are only five fire-type Pokemon families in Hoenn Pokedex, and only three of those five are new from Generation III.

As such, this list is more a ranking of all Hohenn types of fire than the first 3.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

What are the top 3 Fire Pokemon from Hohenn?

# 3 – Torcoal

Torkoal (picture via Pokemon)
Torkoal (picture via Pokemon)

The Torkoal volcanic turtle is a defensive wall with good abilities, but not much else. His speed stats are awful, and his other stats (other than defense) aren’t too much to watch either.

However, he can learn some fun moves like Explosion, Fire Explosion and Overheating. And with White Smoke as an ability, an opponent can never hope to undo any stat extras that Torkoal goes through, which means Curse is even better than usual (especially since most existing Pokemon will already speed up Torkoal).

# 2 – Camerupt

Camerupt (Pokemon image)
Camerupt (Pokemon image)

Camerupt is a Pokemon that is often overlooked. This is understandable because Camerupt typing doesn’t provide much other than immunity to electrical damage. Knocking is weaker than the invasive presence of Hohenn’s water-type Pokemon.

Although his insulting stats are wild, Camerupta’s irresistible defense and terrible speed often lead him to not get to do much.

Having said that, with serious work on increasing speed (the subject of Choic Scarf, the agility of the Baton Pass, etc.) or with the acceptance that Camerupt will most likely take advantage of just one move before landing, is extremely intimidating on the battlefield.

With both offensive statistics of over 100, Camerupt can take full advantage of its super-offensive typing of fire and ground to unleash the destruction of Fire Explosions or Earthquake Breaking. He can even learn to explode to guarantee it goes off when the coach finds out it’s over.

# 1 – Blaziken

Blaziken (Picture via Pokemon)
Blaziken (Picture via Pokemon)

The Fire Generation III starter is by far the best Fire Pokemon in the Hohenn region.

As the first starter of the Fire and FIghting type, Blaziken set a high scale for its successors. Blaziken takes Camerupt’s positive – a threateningly offensive statistic – and picks it up even more, while at twice the speed.

In addition, Combat type gives Blaziken a solid amount of coverage and a few resistances. By approaching the Sword of Dances, his physical Combat moves become absolutely devastating.

Posted April 6, 2021, 6:07 AM IST